Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Truth About Stretch Marks

I'm really not sure why stretch mark creams even exist. Probably so some lucky schmuck can make loads of money by preying on desperate pregnant ladies. If you religiously slathered cream on your belly during pregnancy and didn't get stretch marks, it's probably cause it isn't in your genes to get stretch marks anyway.

You have probably deduced that it is also predetermined by your genetics if you will get them. I was part of the unlucky stretch mark lot. My first one showed up right at the beginning of my third trimester. I was horrified. I think I cried. I am also pretty sure I took a picture of the offending first stretch mark and sent it to all my friends for their opinions and analyses. 

By the end of my pregnancy, I had huge streaks under my belly and on my sides. My worst stretch mark moment came after my c-section with Noah, when my doctor finally removed my dressing. I had an allergic reaction to the glue and it caused my biggest stretch mark to rip open and bleed. I have all the luck.

Once baby has arrived, the state of your stomach skin is the least of your problems! You forget about it, and slowly but surely, they start to fade. Mine are still apparent over a year later, but they don't bother me much. I think the norm is for them to fade to white or skin colour again.

So for all you first time expectant mothers, don't bother with expensive creams, even though I know you are tempted! Just moisturize to keep the itch down to a minimum, and focus instead on strengthening your core before you get too big to lie on your back. It'll help to get your stomach back to normal more quickly postpartum. If you're curious about your genetics, ask the women in your family if they got stretch marks cause that is absolutely the best indicator of whether you'll get them or not.

Here's a picture of how my worst stretchmarks look today. They have faded to a pinkish brown and some are shiny white. They used to be very dark and huge. I dunno, they may be ugly to some but I'm kinda proud of them. :)


  1. Great tips on minimizing stretch marks for expecting mommies out there! A diet rich in skin-vitalizing nutrients can also help a lot, such as drinking tea and eating yogurt and various nuts. I think your outlook and insights about stretch marks are admirable. Stay beautiful, Lilibeth!

    Alejandro Quiroz @ CosMed Clinic

  2. Did you get any on your thighs or calves?

  3. Keeping your skin hydrated, moisturized and nourished would be a great help. I'm proud of my scars and I see them as my badges after months of battle and I'm proud of them.