Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Second Time Around

I now know that my first pregnancy was some magical unicorn mythical dream type of pregnancy. I wondered what people were talking about when they complained all the time and were completely miserable. Once, I was even accused of lying about my happiness (by some person I didn't give two shakes about anyway). To me, pregnancy was wonderful and perfect and I was mostly happily content. I had the pregnancy glow, the thick, glorious head of hair, and little to no nausea or aches and pains.

The second time around has been very different. First and foremost, above all else, I am so thankful and relieved to be pregnant again and that my baby is healthy and growing and right on track. Everything else has been noticeably more difficult, however. When I hit the 6 week mark I was also hit with a wall of nausea that was so debilitating I had to be put on morning sickness medication (it's just vitamin B12 and antihistamine), and am still on it. I recently forgot to take my pills and thought I was past the first trimester nausea, so I stopped taking them, but ended up suffering and unable to stand or eat two days later.

Baby and I will be 17 weeks tomorrow but I look more like I am 27 weeks along! Mostly, I think it's kind of funny, but I find it less funny when people keep telling me how huge they think I am. I know, I own several mirrors, you don't have to keep reminding me. Luckily, as compensation my pregnancy glow came back. I was worried I'd have ugly skin for the duration of my pregnancy. Sadly though, there are more complaints this time around: my hair is gross; I suddenly have terrible dandruff; I'm having groin pains; I sometimes get really bad gas pains at night that make me feel like I'm dying; I'm so, so, so irritable at the world; and am starting to have pregnancy insomnia. Add chasing a toddler all day to this list, and trying to engage him and still have fun every day, and that pretty much sums up being pregnant with Blasto #2.

I am exhausted, cranky, but also very happy somehow. I guess it's just life, right? There are humans around the world right now having a much tougher time than I am, to put it lightly, so I'm trying to keep things in perspective as much as I can.

Keep a lookout for a bump picture update in the coming days. ;) Happy Thursday.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Very Different Saturday Mornings

Not too long ago, Saturday mornings were lazy, lovely, and sometimes boring. There was often brunch involved, and reading. This was how I liked it. This was how my husband liked it too. We knew it would come to an end once Small Human arrived on the scene, but we never imagined our Saturday mornings would ever go something like this:

6am: "DADDY. DADDY. WAKE UP. MILK." Brendan gets up to go get him milk and collapses on the couch while his son plays happily.

6:30am: "HI MOMMY! Mommy proud of Noah. Noah eat roni and cheese! Is in here." (points to belly) BYE MOMMY."

8:15am: "OH GOD WHAT DID YOU DO?" (obviously this wakes me up)

8:16am: I stumble into the bathroom to find my bathroom completely ravaged and smelling like manicures and Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb. I peek into the living room and my orchid is on the floor along with what looks like an exploded jade plant.

8:17am: Small Human gets sent to his room while Brendan and I get to work cleaning the aftermath of a toddler.

He had spilled my quick dry top coat all over the counter, his pajamas, and even poured some inside my favourite and discontinued pot of lip balm. Then I discovered that the two makeup brushes he had been swirling around in my brand new pot of hand cream were also dipped in the clear nail polish top coat and hard as rock. The wooden handle of one of the brushes had been melted by the goopy, wet varnish. Two of my favourite perfume bottles were lying uncapped on the floor, next to my watch and a few mismatched earrings. Every lip balm stick was uncapped and looked like they had a bite taken out of them, and the pièce de résistance was the toilet water that looked like it was splashed all around the toilet in what was possibly, great fun.

Fun times. This seriously exhausted me so much that I promptly fell asleep again after breakfast for a few hours. This was my comeuppance though, because I used to pull this kind of stuff all the time as a toddler. In my family there is the still talked about incident of the lamb that I had poured perfume all over and had the gall to lie about, as it stank up my play room, proclaiming my guilt quite obviously.

At the end of the day, it's just stuff that got messed up and my son wasn't hurt. There are thousands of people dead and in distress in Nepal right now, which really puts things into perspective. Things are different now as parents, but we're still grateful, and still very lucky.

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Friday, April 24, 2015


Today I had to make a decision between napping with my rapidly growing son, or putting him down for a nap so I could: do a couple loads of laundry, pick up the toys, eat lunch, and do a prenatal workout. I am pleased with my choice of napping with my cute little monkey, even if I got kicked in the sternum twice in a row. I have trouble saying no to him when he says "Fweep with mommy peese?" and then insists on holding me tight, cause how long is my little boy going to want to nap with me? For the blink of an eye, that's how long. It was a lovely, much needed, three and a half hour nap, and we both woke up refreshed and no longer super crabby!

It's an all day pajama kind of day, the recycling and garbage need to be taken out, and the apartment is in a state of utter toy chaos, but it's Friday and we're happy, there are plenty of snacks and there is no hurry. :)

Have a happy weekend everybody!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Where In The World is Lilibeth Sandiego?

I know, I know, I disappeared for nearly a week, but honestly I've just been reeling from the excitement of my birthday and announcing my pregnancy. The flood of well wishes and happy messages from everyone has been overwhelming and wonderful, I can't thank you all enough!

My birthday week was so amazing, I haven't been that spoiled in a very long time. I feel very lucky and grateful for all the blessings I have received, as cheesy as that may sound. There is nothing quite like celebrating with your little family and your friends, and being surprised with a date night by your husband!

After my lovely birthday tea party at The Georgian, Brendan whisked me away to a surprise location, leaving Small Human with the beloved Nanny Zoe. I had been wanting to go to the EMP Museum to see the Star Wars costume exhibit, but haven't had the time, and that is where he took me! I was so excited, it was stupid. I think the highlight of the visit was seeing the Darth Vader and C3P0 costumes, so freaking cool. Afterwards we had some time to kill and wandered around Seattle City Center, and then headed back to Capitol Hill for a nice dinner for two at Monsoon and dessert at Hello Robin.

I can honestly say that I haven't felt this content in my entire life. I often feel reluctant to say that because there are so many people in this world who are suffering, but I think it's important to recognize what you have been given and be incredibly thankful too.

Could you imagine meeting someone who looked like this in real life?!

Natalie Portman's Queen Amidala costume

Daddy, Mommy, and the "Space Neenel"
My partners in motherhood <3

My beautiful baby D and her mommy, giving me the finger

Blurry action shot

Friday, April 17, 2015

Some Happy News

Brendan, Small Human, and I are happy to announce that we are expecting yet another Small Human in the fall! Baby Wilson will be joining us in early October. It's really weird that everyone knows now. I mean, if you saw me in real life, there is no denying it, no amount of Big Macs could make me look like this. It was just really nice to have a special secret. I'm 15 weeks today, but I look about 20, probably because my body's like, "It's a UNIX system, I know this!" Sorry, that's one of my most used Jurassic Park references. If you don't get it, congratulations, you're too young, or too bad, you're probably a little older than me.

I have been asked by many if I will be doing the bump chalkboards again like I did the first time, and the answer is: yes. However, I don't think I will be doing it weekly simply because I don't have the time and luxury anymore.

It's funny, after my miscarriage last September, I wasn't allowed to get pregnant again until November. But then November came and went, and then December came and went, and still no baby. I was so sad and terrified that I was now somehow infertile, and I kid you not, the day before I took a pregnancy test, I was on my couch in tears and looking up fertility clinics in Seattle. I was certain I wasn't pregnant because my stomach was cramping like my period was coming and I was so crabby. I've never been so happy to be wrong.

Still, I was skeptical, I lost trust in my body. My OB let me see the baby's heartbeat at 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks, 12 weeks, and I got to hear it at 13 weeks. He is a beautiful, acrobatic, healthy thing, and I'm so happy and thankful and grateful every day.

Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and wishes and prayers. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such great people. Thanks for stopping in from time to time to see me on my journey. Have a wonderful weekend!

Taken March 27, 2015

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Get Used to The Awkward

When you become a parent and your kid starts going to activities and classes, it's almost like you yourself are going back to school again. You have to learn how to interact with different personality types, react to and deal with people from other upbringings, and these things can sometimes bring challenges to your day to day life. Most of the time they enrich your life, but there are times when it can lead people to butt heads.

I have learned (and am still learning) to try to let things roll off my back a bit more. If I'm going to be completely honest, I'm the kind of person who gets offended pretty easily, and I tend to dwell on the negative things people say and do. I also have sooooo much trouble acting normally the next time I see the person I had a parenting run-in with. I'm a terrible liar, there is no way I can act like I'm ok with a parenting style or technique when I'm really not, especially if you are subjecting my child to it. I probably won't like you very much anymore after that, either. (I said I was still learning!)

There isn't one single, perfect way to raise a kid, and I'm very open to everyone's ideologies, but I try to respect the rules of the classroom or the home that we are in above all else. Small Human took a toy from another little boy in class on Monday, and instead of using the classroom rules of implementing distraction, a grandma took the toy back and gave it to her grandson, explaining that he shouldn't take toys and her grandson wasn't finished with it yet. There was an identical toy sitting right in front of them, so I politely explained that there are multiples of toys for this exact reason, and they don't completely understand yet that taking things is wrong. I was met with a snarky, "I know, I've raised three of my own".

Moms, don't, I repeat, do not ever use that phrase on a mom who is newer at this than you. Thirty years have passed since she did it, things change, and it doesn't make her better than the newbies. While I have so much respect for moms who have successfully raised children into adulthood, I don't think it gives them the right to lord it over us new moms as if we're a bunch of idiots. That was definitely a good lesson for me to learn too, cause I can sometimes be a bit of a know-it-all. Anyway, now I have to learn how to deal with the awkwardness of that exchange in subsequent classes. I just have to remind myself that this is such a first world problem to have, and that in the grand scheme of things, life is great, the kids will learn to share, grow up, and life goes on! Gosh do I hate being awkward, though.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Week!

I'm so excited that it's the start of birthday week for me! We had a rough weekend, because Brendan came home Thursday night with a bad case of food poisoning. He was out of commission all day Friday and most of Saturday. It was tough, because he's in high demand when he's home from work, Small Human did not understand that daddy wasn't feeling well.

Then at one point, my kitchen ceiling started to leak! The paint is all dark, soft, and bubbled above the cupboards and sink. Thank goodness this place is a rental. Even after all that, it really wasn't anything a facial appointment, some birthday shopping, and take out pizza couldn't fix.

Our quiet, simple weekends probably sound straight up awful to young, single people, but we enjoy our time together as a family of three. We usually grocery shop for the week, do some chores, cook, watch a movie on Netflix, have one or two little outings, play outside with the mini monkey, and we're pretty content.

I'm going to try to spend these last two days of my 35th year, shopping for something to wear to my birthday tea party, and trying my best to stay as stress free as humanly possible. Here's hoping!

This is what he does when he knows I'm taking a picture

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Homemade Face & Body Scrub

I was really bored yesterday afternoon, so I decided to make my own body scrub with all the stuff already in my kitchen while Small Human played. After I had mixed all the ingredients together, I realized that it would be great for the face and lips as well!

It was so satisfying to make and delicious to use, and I don't have to worry about any creepy hormone disrupting parabens in it used to prolong shelf life. I can't wait to experiment with different ingredients next time, like sea salt and raw sugar.

Lilibeth's Super Easy Face, Lip, and Body Scrub

1/2 cup of brown sugar
1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 cup of coconut oil (softened in the microwave for 15 sec)
1/2 tbsp or 1 tbsp of almond extract

Mix the two sugars together well. Mix in the coconut oil and the extract. You can use any flavour extract you like in theory, or even a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Spoon into a clean, empty jar. Use within two months.

I used it yesterday afternoon on my face and to slough off the dead skin on my lips in the evening, and so far I'm loving the scent, sweetness, and it's got a nice texture. It left my skin super silky and moisturized, and it cost me pennies!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

36 Is The New Who Cares?

In a week's time, I will be 36 years old. That places me firmly in my mid thirties, which is one step closer to my late thirties. I had a slight problem accepting this for a couple weeks for some reason. That's when I realized that I don't actually care, it's society that makes me feel like I should. We place so much importance on youth and more specifically on looking youthful. So if I feel young and look young, I shouldn't have an issue with turning 36, right?

I will never hide my age from people; I will wear the number I have reached with pride and gratitude; and I will live my life with the same exuberance I always have. Nothing has changed other than the fact that I have some more experience under my belt. I'm happy and I'm at peace with myself. Truly.

So bring on the birthday celebrations people! I may have a cold, but ready or not, it's time for my birthday!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Always Surprising

My two year old loves the movie Frozen. We jumped on the Frozen train a little late because the movie came out the year he was born, so he busy mastering things like, standing and walking and pushing teeth out of his gums.

Now he thinks it's the coolest (haha so punny) thing ever and asks for it every day. Now, because I have no desire to watch it everyday, I figured I'd try to find some other Frozen related activities he could take part in that would entertain him as well.

Amazon sells a Frozen Ultimate sticker activity kit for eleven bucks that my Small Human seems super into. I have to help him take some of the stickers out because they're adhered to that annoying, thin backing that rips apart if you're not careful (troublesome for all toddlers).

To my surprise, he was entertained for an hour! Not only that, but he shocked me with his knowledge of shapes. "Dat a circle mommy. Dat a rec-a-tangle." Then there was a diamond shaped sticker and he said, "Shape, mommy! Rhombus!" I had a total WTF, you've actually been listening and learning this whole time, moment. It was a nice moment in an otherwise yucky day, and that is what I would like to remember in years to come.

Still sick, but my voice is sort of back! Have a great day everybody. My two year old knows what a rhombus is, holy moly, so proud.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend

We Wilsons have been sick, but we still managed to have ourselves a great weekend! There was much fun and frolicking going on with good friends in the sunshine. Brendan worked from home on Friday, so the Small Human and I were free to abduct daddy for breaks. We had a bubble tea and haircut break, where someone got the second haircut of his life. He was such a good boy in that salon chair, I was so proud! After that we got to play in the mall playground and bumped into some friends, which was very nice.

Saturday brought with it some laryngitis for Momie, but a fun day ending with dinner with good friends and early pillaging of Easter baskets. Sunday however, was what Small Human had truly been waiting for: Auntie Robyn's Easter Egg Hunt! We all seriously had the best time. My little boy got so spoiled this Easter Sunday, he even found the elusive golden egg and won himself some super cute bunny socks. All day after that, he kept asking for "Easter again? Egg hunt again?" I'd say that as parents, we were winning today for the creation of good childhood memories.

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend with your families and friends too! Happy Easter Monday!

Feeding the chickens!

Signaling left?

My two babies

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Out Like A Lion

March went out like a lion for me, leaving me with a terrible sore throat, low grade fever, and feeling like I got hit by a bus. This morning was better, but I think I should go to the doctor for a throat culture, as recommended by a good friend. This sore throat feels intensely painful and I'd rather nip it in the bud quickly if it is something disgusting, like strep throat.

Naturally, being a sick stay at home mom means lots of tv time for my little boy, which makes me feel guilty, but there's nothing I can do about it. Taking care of a toddler when you're ill is the worst. "Mommy, mommy, race! Mommy, mommy, read! Mommy, mommy go outside! Play! Jump!" My sweet little boy doesn't understand that momie is sick and weak and needs rest.

On the bright side, it's April, which officially kicks off birthday month for me. Yay? Yeah maybe I'll hold off on the celebrations until tomorrow. Happy April.