Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Miss Sensitive Lips

My name is Elizabeth, and I have a lip balm addiction. If for some reason the Lip Balm police had a search warrant and ransacked my house for evidence of owning too many lip balm products, I would be beyond busted. 

In my defense, this is because finding ones that I am not allergic to is like my hobby. Your run of the mill drugstore balms just don't cut it with my sensitive lips, well except for most EOS balms. Chapstick, Blistex, Carmex and the like leave my lips scaly, more dry than when I started, or produce an itchy, bumpy, rough rash that sometimes weeps. Yes, weeps, it's awful, no one wants painful weepy lips.

This is why when friends mention lip balms that they love that sound too good to be true in awesomeness, I am always wary. However, I am willing to give them a try because: addict. My lovely and gorgeous buddy Christina had been raving about these Hurraw vegan lip balms that she was obsessed with, not just because of a great product that delivered but because the company offered impeccable customer service as well. 

How can I not be lured by that, I mean, seriously? Well, I gave them a try and I am pretty impressed so far. I bought the Coconut, Almond and Orange, and they gave me a Black Cherry one as a freebie! Apparently this is common practice, which I truly appreciate because I go through lip balm like it's going out of style.

They're pricey but worth a try at $3.79 a pop for the "regular" balms, plus $2.95 shipping to the US. Obviously it's more cost effective if you buy a bunch. They're vegan, organic, fair trade, preservative-free, non-toxic (not as duh-worthy as you might think), and they smell great, fragranced with fresh pressed oils. The almond is to die for if you're an almond kinda gal or guy.

The best part for me: No bumps or weepiness, just healthy, regular lips that are soft. Hurraw balms aren't my number one favourite, that honour goes to Badger's Classic Lip Balm Stick in Madacascar Vanilla, but it's always nice to find a fun, new product from a truly great little company.

You can find them here!: Hurraw!

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