Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer! Camp, Wardrobe, & Fun

In six weeks, my Small Human will be going to summer camp. I'm not sure who's more excited, him or me, but suffice it to say that we are all looking forward to it! I'm going to miss having my little perma-buddy around all day every day, but as I get larger and start to waddle even more, I think it will serve as a nice break for momie. Plus, when I picture picking him up after camp and seeing his bright, little, happy face, it's already making me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Or perhaps I feel warm and fuzzy because it's getting properly hot in Seattle this week. I'm thinking I'm gonna have to drag the family out to buy an AC unit this weekend just in case. We had a warmish night last week and I was running so hot that it was downright uncomfortable and I ended up having such a fitful night's sleep. Trust me, I tried to time it so that I wouldn't be pregnant at the height of summer, but clearly the universe had other plans for us. No big deal, I like the heat, but I also like sleeping well.

I have a feeling that I will be spending lots of time in the wading pool with the toddlers this summer! We took advantage of the many end of season sales last summer (everything 40-50% off), so Small Human's got a great, but pared down to the essentials, summer wardrobe. 8 tanks, 8 pairs of shorts, water shoes, only waterproof sandals (I learned my lesson last year, my kid jumps into fountains willy nilly), three swim trunks, two pairs of sunglasses, and a personalized mini beach towel. The only thing we're missing is a hat, but only because I'm not sure he'd sport one this year. He's such a little fashionisto that he may just wear one if he chooses it himself at the store, so we may do that this week at Old Navy.

I'm getting so excited, summer is my favourite of all the seasons!

lol this face

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Crazy Lady Waddling

Being pregnant is simultaneously weird and wonderful. You vacillate between feeling like an empowered force who is the bringer of new life, to being a weeping, pitiful mess for not getting your chicken McNuggets because MacDonald's was closed for the night. That's right, on Sunday night I wept over fast food chicken. Like, a lot.

Feeling ecstatic and miserable at the same time is not unusual, and can often make a pregnant lady (and the people around her) feel insane. It's okay to feel like you're crazy, but it's good to try to bring yourself back to reality with some kind of anchor. My anchor is list making. If I can quickly glance at a list, I can make sense of what's awful and what's wonderful, and snap myself out of my funk.

The Crappy Stuff:

Mood swings
Varicose veins
Round ligament pain
My gross double chin
Getting winded easily
Starting to waddle
Having trouble getting in and out of my car already

The Awesome Stuff:

Baby kicks
Super cute belly
Random food cravings
Amazing boobs
Nice nails, hair and skin
No-guilt naps
Prenatal massages
Stretchy maternity clothing
People are 50% nicer to you
Feeling powerful and womanly
Getting excited about meeting my baby
Baby kicks

Alright, it seems like the bad very slightly outweigh the good right now, but honestly, it's completely worth it and I wouldn't change a thing. Well, I would change the nausea, but I'd still rather be pregnant than not pregnant! It's totally okay to blame it all on the hormones. Have a wonderful week, everyone.

Look at this big boy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Afternoon Fright

Yesterday afternoon was a gorgeous one, super hot and sunny, which always puts the people of Seattle in a great mood. Small Human and I went for a post nap, leisurely stroll over to our local Trader Joe's, and everything seemed fine and dandy, until my tummy started to hurt.

I kept walking but found that I had to really slow it down to a snail's pace. The pain kept increasing and I was starting to get scared. At one point I really couldn't walk anymore, it was that painful. I had a strange fullness in my lower abdomen and it felt a bit like there was intense pressure on my cervix like in late pregnancy. I didn't feel anything like this until I almost gave birth to Small Human, so naturally I really started to panic. 19 weeks is way too early for baby to arrive!

With one hand supporting my belly and one hand pushing the stroller, I somehow made it home, sought out my Doppler monitor like a heat seeking missile, and checked on the baby's heartbeat. It was stronger and louder than ever. As I got up to call my OB to ask her about the awful, scary pain I was experiencing, my tummy rumbled and I mercifully let out the hugest, longest fart of life.

I don't think any person has ever been that happy to pass gas in the history of the world. I seriously thought my baby was in danger, but all it was, was a whole lotta trapped air. I celebrated with a giant belly laugh and decided to spend the rest of the afternoon lounging on our balcony in the sunshine with my little boy(s).

Ah, motherhood is so incredibly terror-inducing and humbling, isn't it? May you all have a gas-free Tuesday, folks.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Celebs Ruined Pregnancy

I have several friends who are pregnant at the same time as me, which is super fun and adorable. We understand the crazy hormones and strange ailments that plague us while we grow a new family member, and we can commiserate with one another in real time, which is really great.

There is one thing I've noticed that has been a particular thorn in my side though, and that is the weight gain belly aching. No one likes to get progressively fatter, but it's going to happen when one is pregnant no matter what. However, the good thing is that there is in fact, an end in sight.

Theodore Roosevelt said that comparison is the thief of joy, and I think that's what the culprit is in this instance. You look around at other pregnant women who only gain weight in their bellies, or celebrities that show off their hard bikini bods at 9 months pregnant and subsequently, postpartum (I'm talking to you Gisele Bundchen!), and one can't help but compare.

I am 100% more active this pregnancy than I was with my first. Old wives tales (and silly people) had scared me into being more sedentary and I ended up gaining 40+ pounds with Small Human. With a two year old, it's pretty much totally impossible to remain inactive. Plus I've added a daily squat challenge and arm exercises to my routine since the second trimester. I'm going to be adding moderate stationary cycling soonish, but I still don't quite have the energy for it. For those still skeptical about prenatal exercise, read this from the Mayo Clinic.

Even with always being on the move, added exercise, and not eating unlimited cupcakes and treats, I still gained weight all over. I think that it's just the way my body treats pregnancy. My face and arms are fuller, and I have a layer of fat on my back that plagues me every time I look in the mirror, but I'm ecstatically happy every time I see my big belly. I also vowed not to look at the scale this pregnancy (although I accidentally saw my weight at my last OB appointment), because I don't want to be obsessed. I told my nurse and doctor to only let me know if there was a problem, such as gaining too much or too little. And you know what? It has brought me such peace of mind.

I'm happy and healthy and so is my little babe, and that's what matters. I feel beautiful, regardless of how much weight Jessica Alba gained with her two girls, or how amazing Gisele looks in her skimpy bikini. They are not me, I am Lilibeth, and this is how I rock pregnancy, thank-you-very-much.

Have a wonderful weekend friends & family!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pregnancy: The Best & Worst Things

As much as I don't want to turn this into a pregnancy blog, the fact of the matter is, I'm pregnant, and I find that pregnancy always takes over my life a little. It changes you, at times for the better and at times for the worse, but it's a definite marked change and I'm deep in the throes/joys of it.

I adore carrying my little baby around inside my body as he grows bigger and stronger. It's our special little private time together before I have to share him with the rest of the world. I love seeing my belly get bigger, and I'm really enjoying the fact that I was able to do this again. I feel so privileged to be able to expand our family, even if it means increasing our stress levels and home chaos in the future. It's a craziness that I look forward to.

Some people make growing a new life sound magical and mystical, but it can be straight up difficult. Right now I'm in the cute bump, but can still move around easily phase, so I'm trying to enjoy it (and life) before it gets even more intense.

Here's a quick list of the pros and cons of this pregnancy so far:

  • My rib cage has already expanded and enlarged, so it doesn't hurt this time around
  • I'm not worried about stretch marks because I already have them
  • I can still nap because Small Human still takes good naps
  • Baby kicks are my favourite thing in the whole world
  • I can literally stop traffic with my belly and my stroller
  • My back pain caused by my tilted uterus is totally gone!
  • My skin and hair are freaking amazing
  • My boobs are glorious (I always go from 34B to 36DD+)
  • I'm feeling really confident and beautiful
  • I'm pregnant and there is a sweet baby in my belly
  • I am much more cranky and irritable and my patience runs out faster
  • I get tired pretty easily so I've been driving more
  • Even at 18 and a half weeks, my morning sickness is still here
  • I got heartburn earlier than last time
  • My gas is ridiculously plentiful
  • Everything makes me cry: happy things, sad things, thing things
  • My skin is super duper itchy at times
  • Every cramp or pull scares the living daylights out of me
  • I get dizzy spells
  • I can eat 10 bites of my food before I get super full, but I'm hungry again 45 minutes later
  • My feet kill if I walk too much

As you can see, I've got my hands full, and I'm just taking it day by day. Happy Tuesday!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Mothers Aplenty

I was very blessed to have grown up with three mothers. There is my actual mom, Myrna, who had me via c-section because I was in breech position; my big sister Joy (aka "At"), who was quite a bit older than me growing up and therefore served as my super young, cool mom; and my aunt Marian, my mum's youngest sister, whom I lovingly call Tita Nini. I am now extra lucky these last few years, to have added an amazing mother-in-law, Doretta aka Mom into this mix, who treats me like her own and whose generosity knows no bounds. I also have many wonderful aunts whom I adore, and so many friends who have recently become mothers (some for the second and third time!) that I greatly admire and deeply respect.

You are all a huge source of inspiration and strength to me. Thank you for doing what you do, and for being who you are. I realized that you probably had no idea whatsoever that I hold you all in such high regard, so I am telling you now. You work so hard, and you love so much, and I think it's one of the most beautiful things I have had the pleasure of witnessing. It isn't always easy or pretty or fun, but it's necessary, and you're all doing a great job. Thank you for being the mamas that inspire me to be greater and stronger, and to never give up when the going is so damn tough.

Happy Mother's Day. I love you all.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

FYI It's Mother's Day

If you didn't know already, this coming Sunday is Mother's Day. My husband didn't realize it until I told him last night, so I thought I'd give the rest of you who don't know a heads up as well. To be clear, Mother's Day is this coming Sunday, May 10th, of the year 2015.

Most of us expect nothing at all, and some of us expect a huge fanfare. Whatever your style may be, I suggest planning something to do for either yourself, or your whole family. While it may feel like just another day, try to remember that you are worth quite a lot. We don't get raises or bonuses for being mothers, we don't get awards or people clamouring to take our pictures or get our autographs, and sometimes we don't even get thank yous, but we are very important. We take what can be a whole lot of chaos and insanity and organize it into something cohesive, safe, fun, and full of love. We are like the COOs of our families.

Let's all pat ourselves on the back, give three cheers to us, and acknowledge the importance of what we do and who we are. We could be tired and cranky, overworked, and at our wits end, but we do it because we love our babies so much and want them to have the best lives possible. We are awesome, go us! No go schedule yourself a facial!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sneaky Duchess of Cambridge

So many people hate hearing news about the British monarchy, but it's just silly and fun, so what's the harm? As you all know, the Duchess gave birth to her second baby over the weekend, or in Royal Town Crier speak, "was safely delivered of a daughter". That's all fine and wonderful, but I really was not expecting Kate to emerge from the hospital in a white and yellow dress, heels, and very literally looking as fresh as a daisy ten hours after giving birth.

Labour was the most difficult thing I have ever experienced. After Small Human arrived, I was delirious, swollen, achy and felt like I could sleep for a hundred years. Even after three days, I basically looked like Filipino Danny DeVito, and could barely walk around in my giant, ugly Ugg boots, let alone high heels. I waddled home from the hospital in yoga pants, a maternity shirt (that still fit me perfectly, btw), and Uggs. I suppose it would have been very different if the world was waiting to see me, but I think it would've boosted morale to see me as a real woman, and not some lovely ethereal being that sneezed out an 8 pound baby and most of her pregnancy weight in one shot.

Anyway, I'm going to take this as a challenge, Middleton. This October, I'm bringing you down! Challenge accepted. Now, who wants to be part of my Seattle beautification team? :P


Monday, May 4, 2015

I Lied

I thought I would be able to do monthly bump picture updates with my chalkboard, as opposed to my near weekly updates with my first pregnancy, but I lied. I think I'll be lucky to get any pictures taken of me at all this time around, or to even want or remember to.

I definitely get an A for effort but an F for execution. I managed to draw up a board, get out the tripod, open all the blinds and curtains, only to have no photographer, and somehow my pregnancy brain couldn't remember where the automatic timer on my camera was. So I got super unnecessarily angry and frustrated, erased the board and took a nap. My day was ruined.

This pregnancy is sooooo different from my first. I was so happy and hopeful and well-rested then, and so angry, ornery, and tired this time around. I'm so annoyed with myself! I have no patience for anything and it doesn't seem like I have any control over it. I feel a bit guilty, because I don't want Blasto 2 to feel like I'm not super excited and happy about carrying him. I love feeling his sweet, gentle kicks, and I can't wait to see his little face! Alas, I'm just a roiling pot of emotions right now. Just another crazy pregnant lady.

Happy Monday, may the fourth be with you. xo