Monday, March 24, 2014

Feelin' Good

I've been feeling really great lately and I think that it is due to feeling like I am accomplishing lots in a day. When I can balance fun, housework, Me Time, and playing with my Small Human, I just feel really good. Makes sense, right?

I did 3 loads of laundry on Monday (yes, even folding and putting away), washed dishes, cooked meals and cleaned the bathrooms and living room. Not only that, but we just had so much fun laughing and running and dancing together, at home and at the park. I can set him loose in the park now and it's beyond hilarious, he's like a wind-up toy that chases after birds, dogs and squirrels!

He scared the living daylights out of me though, because he headed straight for the big kid play structure, climbed up all the way, and nearly threw himself head first down one of the steepest, highest slides! I managed to run up after him and got him to sit on his butt before he squirmed out of my reach down the spiral slide. I don't know how he's this fearless, but I'm both happy and nervous about it. At the bottom he just got up and proceeded to run over to some big kids who were climbing a rock climbing wall. My 14 month old tried to scale a wall and run with the big kids. (!!!!!)

I see myself being very stressed out in the near future.

Small Human, the stuntman.

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