Friday, March 14, 2014

Pay Things Forward

Being so far away from most of our friends and family, we didn't get a lot of help when Noah was first born. It was tough, but we did it. And we are so eternally grateful to the people who did come to visit and help us out. Postpartum Lilibeth was not a happy camper. I was in a lot of pain, still swollen, kinda sad, had a lot of headaches, and was just generally bitchy and tired over all.

If you're anything like me, you'll hate asking people for help and might even decline any help when it's offered to you. Please take it from me: Accept all offers of help. You know why? Because it won't last long. Once your baby is older, people seem to think you've got the whole parenting thing figured out and won't help you anymore. This makes me sound really entitled, but that's not what I mean, I'm just pointing out a reality.

Obviously, at some point you and your partner need to get your act together and raise your child like everyone else in the world does. Then, once you're finally settled, and kindasortamaybe know what you're doing, when it comes time to help out your fellow new parents, pay it forward with acts of kindness.

For the love of God, bring those poor, sleepless souls some coffee grounds, milk, eggs and bread. Bring them a giant package of toilet paper, and a whole balanced dinner to eat. Fold their endless amounts of laundry for them. Wash their dishes, or take out their garbage and recycling. Watch baby for 20 minutes while they take a much needed shower or nap. It doesn't take much to save someone's sanity, so why not?

The world would be a much better place if we thought about others more. Happy parents have happy children, and happy children are healthy children who will one day run our world. Happy weekend, friends, spread the love.

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