Friday, January 31, 2014

Cow Milk Drinker

We have achieved cow's milk drinking status here at the Wilson household! Thank god, cause formula is really freaking expensive. Only now I have no idea how to go about giving him beverages while we are out.

Do they just drink water and eat regular food? Is milk just for home?  I am not about to carry a cooler in my already heavy and gigantic purse, thank you very much.

I really hope that nursing will be easier the second time around, because we've spent hundreds of dollars on formula in the last 6 months. However, I would've paid a thousand dollars for the peace of mind it gave me, since I had no more excruciatingly painful plugged ducts.

Time really seems to be racing by. Small Human uses a cup now, along with his bottles. Every time I lay eyes on him he looks taller. One day, he won't be my baby anymore. He'll be a big man, who lives far away with his family somewhere.


As usual, I am getting ahead of myself. I need to breathe, live in the moment, and remember that our next step is learning how to sit in a Noah-sized chair without falling on one's face. We're still, thankfully, far from his college years. Right??

Have a lovely weekend everybody, and happy February!

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Being a goof at the spa
I went for a 90 minute facial on Wednesday morning. It. Was. Glorious. I know you're probably thinking, "What the heck can they even do to your face for that long?!" It actually included a leg, foot, arm, hand, and decolletage massage too, as well as some fun, girly conversation.

I walked out feeling refreshed, relaxed, polished and very well moisturized! Where was Small Human? Hanging out with his homies of course. My friend generously offered to watch Noah while I got pampered and it was kinda amazing, I'm not gonna lie.

Thank you so much Robyn, I look forward to when I may reciprocate! (Soon, go pamper yourself woman.)

Noah freaked out for a bit once he realized I had left-left, but apparently, all it takes is a few snacks to make him forget all about that lady named Momie.

All in all, I had a wonderful day. Even though I badly injured my knee later that evening on the door frame. My door frames are deadly I tell ya, I broke my toe on one 3 years ago.

Today I learned three things: It's good for Noah and I to be apart sometimes; friends are golden and wonderful; don't attack walls, cause you will always lose.

I received this picture via text message when my facial was done and I burst out laughing!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Story Hour

Noah and I went to toddler story time yesterday morning with our friends, and I think the actual story part was lost on him. He loves being around lots of people, especially bigger kids, so he still enjoyed himself immensely.

My Small Human really loved dancing during the song portion, but was most interested in going up to the windows and looking out. He made friends with some older boys while he was there. They were hugging and patting each other on the back, it was stupidly cute.

Look at these hilarious creatures!
At one point, Noah was stuck in a toddler mob that was furiously trying to return all the "egg" music shakers, and I got a little nervous! But the crowd dispersed and he was just standing there, a little confused but happy, still clutching his egg.

Always at the window
I quickly discovered that he likes crowds. This is not a good thing, as he somehow managed to get himself stuck in the middle of a group of parents and kids that were leaving story time and headed straight for the stairs! He is never afraid to be without me when we are out in public, which scares the living daylights out of me. I let out a panicked, "Noah!!" and a bunch of the moms let me through and helped me herd my little lamb.

"Bye momie, I'm off to explore the world."

This boy keeps me on my toes, but we always manage to avoid disaster and have ourselves some fun. Just another regular day, I suppose!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

House Hunting Update

Well, we got totally blown out of the water on this one by a hundred thousand dollars. Yup, a company had their eye on the property so we didn't have a chance. Ah well, on to the next one!

What's funny is that we're really not that picky. We are more than willing to buy a house that needs work. It doesn't have to be new, it just has to have good bones and no major problems. The hot properties always have brand new kitchens and bathrooms, and we're willing to do the work ourselves for a lower price tag.

The only thing we're standing ground on is location. I have never lived in the suburbs. Not once in my life. Brendan grew up in the suburbs, but quickly realized after living in the city, that city living was what he preferred. Yes, we know that it's more expensive.

Having to drive everywhere to get anything or anywhere makes me want to blow my brains out, and I'm sorry, but I won't be convinced otherwise. The school district that we are in now has the best elementary school hands down, but unfortunately, buying in this neighbourhood is a bit out of the question. Macklemore lives right by us for crying out loud.

Life is good now though, I guess we'll just continue to save and look. We're renting in a great area, have a cute little apartment, and live near a plethora of amenities and parks and fun places for Noah to play in. So we aren't desperate and destitute, but it would be nice to have a place to truly call our own.

Thank you all for your good vibes and prayers! xoxo

Monday, January 27, 2014

House Hunting Wilsons

I know that most of the time people shouldn't complain, but because many of us are regular, sometimes emotionally immature human beings, it's in our nature to even if things are not so bad.

We are currently the perfect example of this. I am totally stressed out because we have been house hunting for almost a whole year now, and we still haven't found anything. We put an offer on a house last March and lost to a lower bid with a cash offer.

That whole experience was heart-wrenching because it was our first time, so we really imagined ourselves living there and raising Small Human there. Plus we had paid for a sewer scope and pre-inspection, which made it feel like we got mugged, walking away with $500 less in our pockets and yet no house. 

Now we are doing it again. We actually found a house in our current neighborhood and in our price range, which is virtually unheard of. I'm trying to tell myself that there is no way in hell we are going to get it in this market. I feel almost like I'm playing hard to get with this house in my head. "I like you, let's get serious, but no big deal if you're not that into me, I didn't like you that much anyway."

It's ridiculous, it's like this imaginary psychological game. Trying to buy a house can make you clinically insane. 

You just can't help but visualize it though, and that's not a bad thing since you need to be able to see yourselves living there or you wouldn't be interested in the first place. The house would need quite a bit of work to make it our dream house, but it's perfectly livable. I'll still be sad if we don't get it, but I will probably barf and be really excited if we do get it!

Okay universe, I'm just putting it out there that Noah, Brendan and I would like the right house for our family. Something we can grow into and really call our home. Also, something that does not require a major bidding war would be great. Gah.

Noah's also unimpressed by this seller's market

Friday, January 24, 2014

Age Ain't Nothing But a Number...

Do you know how I know I'm old? I just added to my collection of Le Creuset enameled cast iron cookware. Not just that, but I swooned and gazed at it lovingly when it arrived today. It's actually got exponential wonderfulness because it's a 2 in 1 pot and pan, and in the original Le Creuset fiery orange colour, AND it was on sale. Look how cute:

But hold on a minute, I am late to the party cause I never knew that you could put them in the dishwasher. I got so excited that I danced a little.


Oh man, I don't know what to cook first! And that is the story of how Lilibeth realized that she was old.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Strangely Unfit

I am no stranger to working out hard. I am familiar with the ache you get in your muscles when it's been a long time since you've been truly active. I even know the difference between that feeling and the one you get if you've overdone it.

This pain I am experiencing however, is a new one. It almost feels like a post surgery, scary kind of pain, and I don't like it. The scary pain is mostly in my lower abdomen, even though my entire body is sore. I suppose it makes sense, since that area gets the weakest during pregnancy from the ab muscles getting stretched out so much.

I actually scared myself because I was touching my belly and it felt like I had squishy chicken nuggets in there. I am pretty certain they are fat pockets, which grossed me out and yet gave me a sense of relief. Ah, but my belly used to be so awesome! I was very proud of it's taught, flat state. I will get it back before I get pregnant again. I do not want fat nuggets anymore.

Seeing my friends lose weight and get fit has been really inspiring, too! (Jen, Rachel, Robyn, Charlene) Thank you friends, for going after your goals! Keep up the great work, I'll be following behind you!

This is a nice way to ease into working out postpartum

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Feeling Nostalgic

I've been feeling nostalgic about about my pregnancy with Noah, and I have also been meaning to compile my bump pics into a cute, condensed collage. Newsflash: I finally got around to doing it. It was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be.

What's funny is that for the last couple of months when I was at my most humongous, I actually had to use a wider frame for each photo! I was 5'3" and 125lbs when I got pregnant, and 165lbs by the end!!! There was one week where I reached 171lbs, but I was swollen with a ton of water weight because I decided to eat Doritos (What? I was pregnant), but dropped back down by 6lbs.

I think my favourite time of all, when I felt the most beautiful, was right at the beginning of my 3rd trimester. After that, I rapidly felt more and more like a giant hippopotamus. Look at this happy, glowing girl who has no idea what she's in for! There were a few weeks where I really didn't want to have my picture taken and you can tell by my super fake smiles. (weeks 22, 34 and 39)

My friend Lindsay and I shared maternity clothes because we seem to play pregnancy tag. Her first baby was born January 2012, then Noah was born January 2013. She just had her second baby two months ago, so now I guess: tag, I'm it.

One day, I will do it again, with cameos by Small Human. :)

This was taken when my contractions started, the night before I was induced.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Grin and Bear it

When you're a new mom, you're often offered the advice and wise words of veteran moms. Most of the time it's welcome, but sometimes you just want to tell people to shut their pie holes.

Newer moms are going through things for the very first time, our reactions are organic to what's happening in the moment. When things are hard and frustrating, we have the right to complain. We don't always want to be told that we still have it easy before the terrible twos, or to "just wait until you have more, it gets worse". Thank you so much for helping, but you're not helping.

Right now, I'm in the "screams when mommy goes to the bathroom" phase. It's really quite darling. It's gotten so bad that I now hold my pee in until my bladder feels like a bruised, over inflated balloon. I used to laugh at those internet memes about parents not being able to go to the bathroom alone. It is slightly less amusing now, I just want some privacy thankyouverymuch.

Here's why: I went into the bathroom this morning. I let Small Human follow me in. He steals the tampon I was about to use. He leaves the bathroom. I close the door so he can't do it again. He starts screaming like I've just been murdered, throwing his little body against the door. He hits his head. Gah. What a nice start to the morning.

This only happens about 7 times a day. I'm pretty certain I have some minor hearing loss. The best part is, Brendan can go to the bathroom alone. Noah just looks at him like this is perfectly normal.

I will mostly likely laugh about this and talk about it fondly in the future. Right now I just wanna rip my ears off my head in frustration.

One day, I will pee once more in peace, alone, and without an audience or someone having a Marlon Brando moment about it.

Monday, January 20, 2014


Noah's first birthday party took place at our house this past Saturday, and I think he enjoyed it! He schmoozed, he giggled with everyone, tried to steal all their phones (adults) and toys (babies).

I think the true measure of a successful baby party is if the guest of honour never bursts into tears of agony over anything at all, and our Small Human never did! Even when all the attention was on him while we sang happy birthday, my attention hog just lapped up the adoration happily.

I was such a stressball an hour before the party though, but I was fine once people started arriving. It's not like judges from a reality tv show were coming to rip apart my party planning skills. I had invited our friends who would've been happy if we had nothing but McCain Deep 'n Delicious Cake (I think this is a Canadians only reference) and water. As predicted, Noah didn't care about the decorations, he cared about the people and dancing to the music.

What Was on the Menu:

mini quiche lorraine & florentine
garlic hummus & toasted pita chips with sea salt
spinach and artichoke dip with carrots & celery
mustache sugar cookies with blue almond frosting
red velvet cake pops
Mum-Mums for the babies
Strawberry Happy Puffs
Ella's Kitchen pouches
funfetti birthday cake!


Lemon Perrier
Red Chair Pale Ale
Organic Whole Milk

The theme was loosely circus based, focused on shades of blue and red with accents of golden yellow. I love seeing all the little details come into fruition, that's my favourite part of party planning. I didn't want to go too crazy with giant posters of Noah everywhere, since it was a very small gathering, and also I already went the narcissistic route with his face on the invites and the stamps. We used sustainable bamboo forks, paper straws, and mason jars for drinks instead of paper or plastic cups.

We had favours for the babies as well as the adults. I had personalized wood teething rings made for each baby, wrapped in red and white chevron and sealed with mustache stickers (of course). For the grownups I made mini mason jars containing oatmeal chocolate chip cookie mix with a recipe tag.

A million thanks to everyone who came and made Noah's first birthday a wonderful one! It wouldn't have been wonderful without you. As promised, here are some pics of the party:

"Bow ties are cool"
Prince Sweet Cheeks

We're totally doing a photo booth next year, just cause of this picture of Steve!
Banner de Noah

Wood teething ring with train design and cake smash photo
Oatmeal chocolate chip mix mini mason jar favours, chevron bags containing the teethers

Noah stamps :)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Party Time

The invitation
Parties are kind of unexpected oxymorons. When you think of a party, you always think of fun first, then usually music, food, and people. But when you're the party thrower, parties can also be mildly stressful and lots of work, which is very un-party like.

I've been having a great time coming up with ideas for Noah's first birthday party, but I have to admit that the execution is a bit taxing. It wouldn't be so bad if I could actually get things done while Noah was awake, but I usually have to skulk off to do a craft or bake while he's napping or down for the night.

This really doesn't leave many hours in the day for me. What's astonishing is that the party isn't going to be an elaborate one, or even a large one. Maybe I'm just really bad at managing my time.

Either way, it's going to be a cute little event at our humble abode, and the point is to celebrate the Small Human, who I'm certain will love his party for the people in attendance and cake, not for the Pinterest picture banner that mommy made for him while he was napping.

I can't wait to share the photos of the party with you on Monday! Have a great weekend everybody! I promise to eat lots of cake for you.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Letter To My Son


You were born a year ago today! I'd like to say it was the happiest day of my life, but it wasn't. I'm sad that it wasn't, but it was really difficult and painful for mommy, and I wasn't thinking clearly because of the drugs I was given. I was terrified to have a C-section operation but I think you were the only person in the world who could give me the courage to do it.

I loved you more than anybody ever loved anyone, and I was glad you were healthy and alive. For a while, daddy and I weren't sure you would be, and I think my heart would have shattered. Instead, you were pink and alert and hungry! A healthy baby man.

From the moment you were born, you were loved immediately by so many people. I hope you felt that love reaching you from all over the world even though they were all so far away.

Now you are one year old! You walk, you babble at us, you make our lives better with your happy, musical soul. Daddy and I hope that we can give you the best life, show you all the great things in our world, and keep you safe, happy and healthy.

We hope that you are always curious and adventurous, like your current one year old self. And of course, mommy wishes that you will always love her as much as you do right now. No matter what, I will be here for you. I will always be your momie, even if you terrorize me by piling up your toys to climb furniture, punch me with my own cell phone, or launch yourself head first into the big bathtub.

Happy first birthday my Small Human. Your journey has still only just begun.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

You Might Be The Mommy of a Toddler If...

If you pull your shower curtain back to take a shower and discover that your bathtub now contains a mini bathtub that is suddenly a toy depository, you might be the mommy of a toddler. There was a TARDIS, a mini book, a cow, a Starbucks straw, a microphone, and wood stacking donuts in what was once my personal girl haven.

I love finding evidence of a Noah all over the apartment. It warms my heart, and I feel so lucky to have such a good natured, singing, dancing, silly boy. He seriously cracks me up. Right now he is dancing, with one foot in a saucepan, and one arm waving in the air furiously.

I don't know what's happening, but it seems as though my baby is getting more mature, and I like it. I have been sitting here with my cup of coffee, emailing about Noah's party this coming weekend, and realized that my baby is just playing. By himself. Happily.

He is ignoring me and is lost in his own world of baby play. Could it be that we are one step closer to Small Human's independence? Don't worry, I don't mean leaving him home alone and letting him drive the car, but he's definitely amusing himself pretty well. Like a big kid! Omg I'm going to cry.

This week is a sappy one for me because I'm hormonal and my baby is turning 1. Holy bananas, he's turning 1 tomorrow.

However, I will be very glad to be asleep in my bed at 1:57 on the morning of the 16th of January this year.

I think this is pretty self explanatory

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Used To Be Hardcore

Many, many moons ago, I was all about making my body look as hot as I could. I also used to be an actress, so it makes sense. In show business image is everything. I genuinely enjoyed working out, I loved hot yoga, pilates, going to the gym, using weights, all of it.

I tried to plank for a minute just now and I thought I was going to die. I think I was supposed to start out with 20 seconds, but I forgot.

There was heavy breathing, shaking, there may have been swearing, and there was definitely sweating.

The problem is, I have no idea how to ease into things. I'm a go big or go home type of gal, which my husband pointed out the other day. So the goal that I have set for myself is to get back into shape gradually.

Before we have another baby, I'd like to up my fitness level a little bit. It's partially a vanity thing, but I also cannot imagine pushing Noah up and down hills in his stroller with a huge belly and limited lung capacity.

My motivation/ultimatum before the first baby, was to finally get my driver's license. My motivation for the second baby is to be physically healthy because I don't feel healthy. I get winded easily and I'm much more sedentary than I'd like to be. I think that our daily walks just aren't enough since I used to be so active before.

I can't believe I'm already talking about this, I blame it on Small Human turning one!

Anyway, I hope that I can fully commit to this plank challenge. Although, I probably shouldn't have looked at my belly as I was doing it. *shudder* But here's to stronger hips, abs and back!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Getting Crafty With Pinterest

I've always been a creative soul, which is why I have found Pinterest to be a wonderful place to find cool new ideas and fun things to try. Me and the rest of the world, right?

You won't ever be completely unique when you're trying something you found on a site that every single girl in the universe reads every day, but that's not what it's all about. It's about doing things in your life that you think are fun and therefore will be memorable to you. Who cares what other people think?

Of course, what often ends up happening is that trends are created. I think I am one of 5 people I know that had a shoe birth announcement (because of Pinterest); and I am one of many friends who did weekly chalkboard bump picture updates (also Pinterest).

You know what though? It's beautiful in a way, because it's a piece of history that we're a part of. Historians will be able to pinpoint exactly what moment in time we are from because of the styles of pictures that we took and the activities that we all partook in.

Humans have been doing this for as long as we've had ideas to execute, so this is not a new phenomenon.

I guess this was just a very long-winded way of saying that Noah's whole birthday party was Pinterest inspired, and I am proud of it! I don't want to reveal too much beforehand, but this week is going to be spent finishing up (and in some cases, starting) some fun crafts celebrating his first year of life!

It won't be perfect, but  it will all have been done with love, and that's what counts. Plus it's fun and who am I to say no to that?

Have a wonderful week folks! Make it count!

Noah, pre-cake smash (Honest Co. diapers, Robeez shoe, hat from Marshalls)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Prezies For Small Human

We have been approached by many about what Noah would like for his first birthday. Truthfully, Noah doesn't need anything at all, we're not just being polite! He was so spoiled over the Christmas holidays that he doesn't need any more toys or clothes. Also, we can't fit any more things into our tiny living space.

Plus, as with all babies, ours prefers to play with recycling, cell phones, cords, and wooden spoons over all of his awesome toys.

Since Noah has been blessed with such loving friends and family and wants for nothing, I think that a donation to Children International on his behalf would be a wonderful way to celebrate his first year of life! We chose Children International because I have sponsored a child through them before, and their mission statement is pretty clear:

Our mission is to bring real and lasting change to children living in poverty. In partnership with contributors, we reduce their daily struggles, invest in their potential, and provide them with the opportunity to grow up healthy, educated and prepared to succeed and contribute to society.

Every child deserves the chance to live a full and healthy life. Instead of more stuff for Small Human, we'd love it if you'd consider donating to a charity that focuses on helping to improve the lives of less fortunate kids.

However, if you already got him something, of course we're not so cold-hearted that we wouldn't accept such generosity and thoughtfulness, so thank you. Less than a week 'til B day!

Happy weekend everybody!

Thursday, January 9, 2014


As a mother, I sometimes feel like I will never be on the ball or 100% prepared for anything ever again. I try my best, which is the most anyone can do, but I often feel like I'm one step behind. You have those good days where everything goes smoothly and you just want to punch your fist into the air for winning at life, but let's face it, it isn't every day.

On Tuesday I forgot to refill my diaper bag with wipes; on Wednesday I only brought a small bottle and a packet of Mum-Mums when we went out for lunch; On Monday I didn't bring a spare outfit and he poop-leaked out of his diapers while we were downtown. Plus I forget things now, like wearing my wedding rings and wondering if I locked the car doors. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I used to be so awesomely prepared.

I'm going to blame it on the fact that I am just getting my regular diaper bag back together again after being apart from it for 3 weeks. I snapped my "diaper bag" aka gigantic purse's strap, by closing the trunk on it on Thanksgiving. (see, I'm a mess) Luckily the store repaired it for me for free, but I still need to get my shizzle together already since I've been home for six days.

I never forget the baby though, which I guess is the most important thing. We left the house yesterday in the pouring rain, and Small Human had all his warm rain gear on, while I sported ballet flats and no coat. Such is the life of a sometimes frazzled mother.

Today is another day. But just in case, so is tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Trip Picture Highlights

So many wonderful things took place during our Toronto trip (Noah's first Christmas; meeting his Lola and Lolo for the first time). As well as some really crappy events (5 day blackout; accidentally deleting my pictures). But it all worked out in the end. Brendan was able to recover most of my pictures from the deleted files on my camera's memory card, but a few precious photos were sadly lost forever. (Clementine, we have to have a do over!)

There are sooooo many more lovely pictures and memories, but here is a small selection. 'Til we meet again, Toronto!

The ice storm wasn't all bad
Fast boy with my beautiful Tita Nini
With his favourite Tito Jeffrey. Obvi.
Looking for The Doctor with Uncle Dave

My bestie and me at Buca
Noah loves his Lolo Noe!
Hugging his Lola

With Tita Reesey and his future baby friend!
Christmas Day!
You are big, Uncle Mark
Racing chairs with Papa
This one is just perfect and hilarious

Nap time with Grandma at Nana & Papa's house
If we were royalty, this would be the Wilson line of succession. The oldest son of an oldest son of an oldest son.

Breakfast with mini Tom and mini Brendan
Goofing around with Auntie Natalie