Thursday, October 24, 2013

Stinky Monkey

We have a bit of a smelly baby crisis going on. For some unknown reason, Noah is mortally afraid of bath time. He went from being a happy water monkey, to a terrified of water monkey.

I don't know what to do.

It all began when we stopped using his infant bathtub, and started using a larger inflatable tub. But even without it in the big bathtub, he acts like we're about to murder him. We've made the room warm with the heat lamp, we've sung to him, played music to him, given him all the fun toys. Murder victim crying. We've tried bubbles, getting in the bath with him, repeating his favourite words that he thinks are hilarious ordinarily. Nothing, just full blown panic attack and tears.

It's really weird, he loves playing with all his bath toys, as long as he's not in the bathtub. Today I resorted to sponge bathing him and washing his hair in the sink, just because I can't take any more screaming. It's getting a bit ridiculous. I think he just doesn't like to be wet. He freaks out if I wash his hands or wipe his face with a wet cloth too.

I AM DESPERATE, WHAT DO I DO? Brendan thinks we just need to keep bathing him every day until he understands that nothing bad will ever happen to him. But it honestly feels like I'm just stressing out my baby and torturing him.

He's fine as soon as his bath is done and he's wrapped up in a towel in my arms. It breaks my heart that he thinks I'm subjecting him to this awful routine that he hates, over and over again.

I really hope he grows out of it and that it doesn't become some weird phobia.

Look at this greasy monkey!


  1. Oh no! What a bummer. Ethan can't stand being wiped down with a wet washcloth or baby wipes after meals and throws a fit, but luckily he still likes bathtime for now. Hope it stays that way. Can you try his infant tub again and maybe put him in it backwards? With Ethan's, if we put him in on the other side he can sit upright and fit it better than the leaning back direction. I've also heard using a laundry basket as a bathtub helps. That way it's still sturdy like an infant tub, but it's bigger, they can sit up, and it makes them feel secure since it's not too big. *hugs* making a baby do something they hate is never fun.

  2. It breaks my heart :( My hope is that since babies are always changing, this will pass as well. Thanks for the advice and support! xo

  3. Lilibeth, Jaylee was terrified of any inflatable tub when she was smaller! We went straight from baby tub to the big tub because she would scream and cling to us for dear life any time we put her near it. But don't worry, she's not afraid of inflatables anymore ;)

  4. That is so weird, Candace! I'm thinking it might be the smell? Who knows, but he's cool with it now, randomly. Babies are weird. :P