Friday, March 21, 2014

Strong Mommy

I guess I never realized how physically strong I have become during these past 14 months. Yesterday morning, Small Human and I had our usual 9:30am music class up the street, but we were running late so I just picked him up and carried him there. It's about a 4 minute walk, but that can be difficult when you're carrying a 26 pound human being uphill. I realized afterwards that it wasn't that hard for me.

Small Human is usually really independent and barely notices I'm in the room, but this class he started to get tired and wanted me to carry him so that he could still be part of the action. This required skipping, dancing, hopping, jumping, galloping and singing while carrying Noah. That music class was a great workout for me!

I thought we could walk home, but wrangling a toddler to go in the direction that you want him to never works out the way you intend. I carried him much of the way because all he wanted to do was dart out into the street. Walking home was like carrying a human baton that was self-twirling and extremely heavy. Not once did I drop that child, and not once was I unable to hold him securely.

I was really proud of myself! But then I got sad because soon Small Human won't be so small, and I won't be able to carry him like he's a squirmy backpack. Right now the most impressive things he can do is point to the light and say, "Aights!", run to the fridge and say, "Dis!" when he wants milk, and lift his fat legs in the air when you tell him it's time to put on pants.

One day he won't need momie to bring him to music class with her, or get his milk from the fridge for him. He won't need me at all, and I'll still be happy that I did my job in successfully raising a self-sufficient man. But I know that my heart will ache a little bit for the teething little boy who can still be comforted by curling into a little ball and laying his whole body on mommy's torso, and absentmindedly pinching the skin on her neck. I don't ever want to forget these sweet little things that he does, but he changes so quickly and I find myself struggling to write it all down so that I will never forget them or lose them.

I know that I complain a lot but I'm mostly really happy. I'm so grateful for the life that I am living and the privilege of raising the sweetest little boy. He has made me a stronger person.

Have a wonderful weekend with the ones you love most.

-Lilibeth xoxo

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