Monday, March 3, 2014

Mr. Uh Oh

We had a great, rainy weekend here in Seattle. As per usual, our activities included lots of eating but we got things done too and ended it with pizza, salad, beer and the Oscars! I totally called all the winners except for Best Picture, and I thought it was a fun tv night over all, since we don't really watch television ever.

Small Human has been non-stop "Uh oh"-ing, which is hilarious. That was his Uncle Mark's favourite phrase too. It's the funniest to hear when he has just woken up. All we hear is a drowsy little voice calling out, "Uh ohhh!" Omghessocuteilovehimsomuch.

On Friday I got to experience what it would be like to have two babies. It was surprisingly manageable. Granted, I most likely just got lucky that both of them were being amiable and cooperative, but still. Look at these two, how cute are they?!

Talking to Elmo on the tv

Noah was happily sharing his toys with his lifelong friend

Causing trouble at Cupcake Royale

For three weeks now, we have been trying to go to Red Robin but something always thwarts us. This Saturday we were finally able to go! I'm not sure why, but that restaurant is the only American chain restaurant that I just adore. It probably has something to do with the family friendliness of the joint and maybe cause of the tower of onion rings they have on the menu. I am such a sucker for towers of food.

It's already March, can you believe it?! Happy Monday folks, and happy March! Beware the ides of March... just kidding, you should beware the ides of April, especially if you're an income tax procrastinator. ;)

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