Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fun-Filled Morning

This morning, Small Human and I headed over to the Jefferson Community Centre to meet up with our friends Eliza, Bea & Viv. After a 40 minute parking fiasco on my part, and a poopy diaper on Noah's part, we finally got to play!

The babes seemed to have a great time, and I don't blame them because this place had bouncy houses (that Noah was terrified of), all kinds of little vehicles to ride, tricycles, balls, foam play structures, it was great. The only bad part was when Noah ate it while pushing around a Buzz Lightyear spaceship and fell on his face. They strangely made me fill out an accident report. Is that a thing? I guess it is. I'm of the Kids Fall Sometimes generation, so this is all very weird to me.

Anyway, pictures! Also, I wanted to wish our baby friend Jeremy a very happy first birthday! xoxo

Checking his blind spot

Always gravitates towards the instruments

All that playing builds up an appetite!

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