Wednesday, October 28, 2015

All The Feels

My newborn baby has already outgrown his newborn diapers, and I wept for joy. This could be due to the crap ton of hormones coursing through my body of course, but mainly it's because I'm so relieved and thankful.

When I found out I was pregnant on the very last day of January early this year, I wanted to be elated, but instead was gripped with fear. The fear didn't really go away, even after being lucky enough to see an early heartbeat at my 6 week appointment, again at 8 weeks, 10 weeks, 12 weeks, and seeing a healthy baby on an ultrasound at 14 weeks.

Now I have a huge, gorgeous and hearty three week old boy who has outgrown his newborn diapers, and I can finally, finally breathe a sigh of relief. He is fine, he's here; I can watch him grow up and forge a lifelong relationship with his big brother; I can hold him and kiss him and feed him. 

I am exhausted, but I am at last, truly elated. Happy Wednesday friends. xoxo

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mommy of Two

Well, we did it. Baby number two arrived safely, healthy, and larger than life at 9lbs, 5 oz! These last two weeks have been the most exhausting, emotional and loopy of my entire life. I was ready to meet my son and to not be pregnant anymore, but terrified of having a c-section. Thankfully, my OR team was so great and fun and obviously pro-stars at their jobs. We chatted and giggled about Grey's Anatomy while I lay on the operating table, gossiped about the lack of McDreamies and McSteamies at the hospital, and ended with everyone being in total shock at the sheer size of the baby that was extracted from one short Filipino girl. The whole thing took about 30 minutes tops.

As for life with two babes, it's been difficult, particularly with me having so much difficulty moving around, but my husband and sister-in-law have been holding down the fort, especially with Noah, my wild hurricane of a son. My friends have been an enormous help as well, it would have been so much more difficult without our village, and I am eternally grateful.

It has taken me a full two weeks to get back somewhat normal mobility, but now the exhaustion of having a newborn and being awake at strange hours is catching up to me. It's madness, but the cutest, messiest, stinkiest, funniest madness you can imagine. And now I introduce to you, Elias Brendan, born on October 7th, at 9lbs, 5oz:

So chunky!

We make very serious looking babies

Nose kisses

Elias and daddy

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Eve of Baby Day

Thank you for all your sweet messages and well-wishes everyone! As for the many, many Skype and FaceTime requests I have received, unfortunately I cannot chat with all of you right now, but thank you very much for making me feel like a well loved celeb. ;) Love you all, and see you on the other side!

I will leave you now with what I WON'T be doing at the hospital but sure wish I was! This mama is badass. The last time I was dilating to 6cm, I was begging for my anesthesiologist.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Family Outing At the Pumpkin Patch

I wanted to give my little Noah a last hurrah as a family of three on this beautiful and sunny, Pacific Northwest weekend. Every year around this time, we go to the pumpkin patch but we decided to go to a different farm this year and were not at all disappointed.

Fox Hollow Farm in Issaquah is awesome! It's located on a well-maintained and gorgeous property in a valley, surrounded by evergreens and mountains. There were cute farm animals everywhere, bunnies and kittens roaming free throughout, a picture-perfect pumpkin patch, a little creek where you can feed the fish, a kiddie train, ponies to ride, bouncy houses, mini jeeps for the kids, wagons to pull them around in, kettle corn, cotton candy, s'mores, hot beverages, beautiful and plentiful seating, and great music. Brendan and I may have totally rocked out to the Ghost Busters theme song they had blasting when we arrived, like big dorks.

Small Human loved it so much, that he demanded we go back with his baby brother. It seems like he only gets more fun with each year that passes! I would definitely go back there, and I highly recommend it to everyone in the area with kids 10 and under. I'm even seriously considering it for the next baby's 1st birthday next year. Tickets are $10 per person, and they take a one hour break for lunch and close the farm down from 1pm-2pm.

Here are some snaps of our fun Saturday:

He loves to pet animals!

Sweet little Lionhead bunny I discovered in the bushes

My little pumpkin

Thanks for making it look like I'm taking you hostage on the Ewing Ranch, Noah

He was hilariously nonplussed on the train ride

His first cotton candy!
He loved it!
He also enjoyed the kettle corn

Next year, we'll have two little guys in a wagon :)