Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lost It

You know those people who are really good at giving advice and helping people out? Well, that's me. My problem is that I should really learn how to take my own advice.

I keep stressing to my other Stay At Home Mom friends that they need time for themselves or they will absolutely lose it. That taking care of your own sanity is a must in order to be an even better mommy to your beastlets.

Well people, I officially lost it today. I'm probably making a way bigger deal out of this napping thing than I should, but it's too late. We went from one morning nap and either 0 - 30 minutes in the afternoon, to ZERO NAPS. It was not my proudest moment, but I let Small Human cry for 40 minutes in his crib. I just could not deal with it. I did everything I could. He was dry and changed, fed, watered, comfortable, he had a stupid cool mist humidifier going. I rocked him side to side, I rocked him back and forth, I sang to him, I kissed him, I patted him and rubbed his back. Nothing.

Sooo I let my child scream his face off for 10 minutes, which turned into a steady whimper with intermittent screams for 30 minutes, at which point he finally fell asleep. I wanted to turn myself in to CPS, but that's really not even a joke, and also let's face it, I'm too tired.

Anyway, I have decided that rain or shine, on Saturday I am going to treat myself to a day of Lilibeth Only Time. I think I need this special time every week, even if it's just for a few hours. 24/7 toddler time is taxing on my body and spirit. As cute and wonderful as he is, I need some separation. This way I don't binge on salsa and tortilla chips and let my son cry for 40 minutes straight. I hope he still likes me when he wakes up.

Is 3pm too early for a glass of wine? Screw it, it's happening.

On our walk, before the incident.
The only thing that can stop a tantrum? My wallet.

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