Monday, March 17, 2014

Baby Monster

I just realized that sometimes, I treat my son like he's a monster. I am not afraid of him per se, but I do catch myself trying to appease him or act like accidentally waking him up would destroy the whole village.

Ever since I was a teen, my hips crack when I initially start to walk. It's weird I know, but most people have a similar problem with their knees so you know what I'm talking about. Okay, I am not saying that this is something that I do regularly (anymore), but after I lay Small Human down in his crib, to avoid disturbing him with my oddly loud hip joints, I shuffle out of the room backwards, hunched over like I'm genuflecting, and using my legs from the knees down only.

It makes me feel like I'm Will Ferrell in some silly movie, and I often have to resist the urge to burst out laughing. I have woken him up with my cracking joints before, so I'm not crazy! Not only do I do this, but I also avoid making eye contact with Monster and try to leave his line of sight as fast as humanly possible. The things we do as mothers.

My freakish mommy behaviour usually only manifests when my son is teething, of course. If you are a mother, you'll understand how calling your baby a monster isn't far off base when they are teething. They're in pain so naturally they'll be ornery. The thing is, if my baby is ornery,  I will also be ornery which in turn makes my husband ornery. Then we're just one big ornery family. Hence the monster-appeasing.

If this kind of odd behaviour has been occurring in your house, it is not unique to your family, I promise! We've all been through it, you are not alone. I just wanted to put that out there so that you know "your people" understand. We've all got our own little monsters.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

Kiss him, he's 1/4 Irish :)

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