Friday, March 20, 2015

Crabby Start

This morning got off to a crabby start, for me anyway. All Small Human wanted to do was watch tv, which makes me so bonkers. I put my foot down though, and eventually he started to play on his own, using that beautiful imagination I know he's got.

I'm not against watching television like some parents. It can be a tool that saves a family's sanity and I'm not foolish enough not to take advantage of it. Then again, this is mine and Brendan's choice for our son, and may not be right for everyone. So far, we've tried not to make any extreme parenting choices and we haven't regretted anything.

However, I don't like when he just sits there like a mindless blob, transfixed on the screen like a zombie. Most of the time he talks to the tv, and to me about what's happening. He doesn't speak in clear, full sentences yet but he tries his best to communicate, which is what I like.

I think Momie won this morning's tv battle, cause now Small Human is building things out of boxes, chatting away to himself, pretending to cook and taste things while wearing his Fire Chief hat, all while eating a sandwich. I'm just trying to do my best, like everybody else. Someone pour me some coffee, please.

Have a wonderful weekend and happy official spring! Also, happy birthday to my sweet Bear-bear Eleni who turns three today!!!


  1. I sometimes wonder about the consequences of parents using a smartphone to pacify their children in meltdown mode. "GIVE ME 'ANGRY BIRDS', MOMMY!" It's bad enough that adults are izombified, oblivious to their surroundings and the life that's happening around them. But then, I've been a cranky old man since 15.
    Hope you're enjoying a more peaceful, sunny day!
    Michael Smith

    1. Smitheeeeee! Thanks, today was much, much better. Yeah, you've been an old man for, oh forever now. :P