Monday, March 17, 2014

Noah Goes to Pike Place Market

Small Human and I started the week off right, with sunshine, proper napping, lots of eating and drinking, and a brisk walk down to the market! Seattle is known for it's very famous Pike Place Market, and Noah's already been many times in his 14 months on earth. (Even in utero)

We said hi to Rachel the Pig and the fish throwers, we snacked on Beecher's cheese curds and French pastries from Le Panier, and even brought some home for Dada so he doesn't feel left out. Then we went to Momie's favourite Italian grocery store to get some fresh goat cheese & caramelized onion ravioli for dinner! I made it with vodka sauce, yum!

Noah laughed at all the dogs we met, including one positively enormous and gorgeous Irish Wolfhound, who wished Noah a very happy St. Paddy's Day. The mirth that overcomes my son when he sees a friendly animal is just infectious to everyone within earshot, and so beautiful! If I ever question what it is that I did in life, I can at least say that I gave the world one very happy little boy with a lust for life and meatballs.

Before we headed back home, we stopped at City Target for a diaper change, Sephora for moisturizer (where we are embarrassingly well recognized), and the GAP because of their 40% off the whole store including sale items! We scored a $20 Paddington Bear shirt for $6, woohoo!

Small Human's tooth count is at 11 now, going on 12 but it was a good day because it seemed pretty pain-free, thank goodness. I am happy to report that we were monsterless today, only lots of smiles, giggles, singing and dancing.

With his favourite toy, my kitchen towel. (Tidbit Ball photo bomb)

My monkey sitting in a very small box. No he isn't pooping.

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