Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mommy Is Spent

Wednesday was a tough day for us. I barely slept, and Noah was having some digestive troubles. I think the teething has caused him to have some diarrhea. Nothing severe, and it isn't accompanied by fever or vomiting or anything.

The toughest part of the last few days is that he has been so unbelievably clingy! He just wants to be held or snuggled and be near mommy or daddy. It's so sweet, but I can't get anything done. Seriously, I can barely go get a glass of water or wash my hands after a diaper change, without Noah freaking out like I'd left him by the roadside.

He's kinda been off his game too, cause he even face planted on Tuesday and gave himself a huge goose egg of a bump. Today it's all purple and pink, and probably tender, and of course my son decided he would smack his already tender forehead into the table leg. Twice. Then he fell face first into the side table. I'm scared to leave the house now because I'm sure people will think I'm a neglectful parent, but he's just a boisterous boy.

The last two days have been full of diarrhea, head injuries, clingyness, whinyness, bludgeoning mommy with books, biting, no sleep, and... walking! My baby walked today. He was so steady, and took several deliberate steps all day today. It was like a glass of water at the end of a long journey through the desert.

No matter how tough it can be, the greatest part about parenthood is that there is always a silver lining at the end of a stormy, tumultous day. As long as everyone's healthy and alive, you can look back at the day's events and see that it was full of activity and living life with everything you've got.

I am so damn tired, but I am freaking happy. I wouldn't mind a gigantic cup of hot chocolate right now. And maybe some cake. Yeahhhh cake!


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