Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mommy & Baby Class

Every Monday, Noah and I attend a class at the local college. It's right in walking distance of our house too, which is really nice. As you can imagine, the scene is pretty cute: A dozen or so babies aged 7 months to a year, all crawling/walking and playing with each other in a big, kid-friendly room.

It's a bit tricky because the class falls within Noah's cranky nap time zone, so it has the potential to go sour. Mostly we've been alright, because I try to get him to nap right before we go.

The class structure is very basic, there's "arrival time", parent discussion time, snack time, then music time and goodbyes. Noah gets so excited by all the new toys he gets to play with. Last class, he strayed from the group and wandered over to a toy bin, spilled its contents, and giggled like crazy over his discoveries for ten minutes. This pretty much made mommy's day!

Every week, a different family is assigned snack duty, and this was our week to bring something. I was at a total loss for what to bring because Noah's only into pureed foods right now and only a very limited number of actual solid food (egg, cheese, cereal puffs, blueberries). So I decided to get some sliced cheese to cut into shapes, and some Plum Organics Puffs.

Check out my lame-o hearts
I thought my snack was kinda stupid at first, but the mommies and babes seemed to really like them, which was a relief. Also, Noah makes the best faces when he's eating solids, I love it so much!

The class is mainly for socializing our babies, and it's also a nice place to meet other Seattle mommies. Noah loves the teachers, which makes me happy because maybe this means he'll like school in the future. He seriously just forgets all about me when we're there, until he's hungry or needs a fresh diaper, and then Maba to the rescue!

He loves it so much, he barely looks at me

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