Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Livin' & Learnin'

Relieved that Small Human is napping
I can now cross "flying with a baby" off my list of things that terrify me. I also learned a few key things, like: change your baby's diaper before you board the plane, Virgin Airlines is a fun airline, and my baby hates public changing tables with a passion.

We boarded the plane for San Francisco, only to realize that we probably should've changed the baby before we did this. Fifteen minutes before take off, I swept him off to the bathroom for a quick change that turned into an epic one because he pooped all the poops and refused to stay put on the changing table. Not only did my crazy baby scream the entire time, but he kept trying to stand up while mommy cleaned his poop-covered hindquarters. My ears were ringing from his powerful screeching in that tiny airplane bathroom. The kid inherited my lungs.

Noah was fine for most of the flight, because we managed to get him to sleep, but the first twenty minutes were a nightmare. He was squirmy and cranky and overexcited, and I was getting increasingly embarrassed and stressed out. It all worked out in the end, but I'm happy that experience is now behind us.

The next morning, Brendan and I both woke up, sick as dogs. Boo!! It wasn't that fun getting woken up at 7am by Monsieur Crankypants, but ah-may-zing to be waking up in San Francisco!


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