Friday, October 11, 2013

How the Wilsons Do It

There are people who like relaxing, resort vacations with a splash of sightseeing, and people who like to immerse themselves in the places they visit and live like locals. I like both varieties of vacationing because I am thankful to be going anywhere at all!

The way we've been doing it in the last few years however, has been living in a VRBO (vacation rental by owner) or AirBnB (bed & breakfast by owner). Then we try to live like the locals do, to try to get a good feel for the city we're visiting. It's fun, and I feel like less of a tourist with a giant camera around my neck, wielding a map, with a confused look on my face.

It's hard to cram living like a local into one week though. We were lucky enough to get the lowdown on a lot of places because of amazing friends who have both lived and visited San Francisco. It's a relief to take some of the guesswork out of it, but we still left a lot of the exploration up to ourselves, cause that's fun too.

On Wednesday we got to see City Hall, the Symphony, Hayes Valley, Russian Hill, Nob Hill, and Chinatown. We were so exhausted from walking all day, but we were also very well fed and happy, so it all equaled out. 

I felt like such a rock star mom for keeping Noah on schedule feeding and changing-wise. But at the end of the day, I got pulled back down to earth when my baby leaked poopy pee on me while in a high end boutique. Thanks for keeping me humble, baby man.

Some picture highlights of our day:

At Chantal Guillon on Hayes St, the best macarons I have ever tasted in my life
Noah and daddy at Blue Bottle Coffee
Getting pooped on by my baby in Louis Vuitton

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