Thursday, October 3, 2013

Your Hospital Bag: What You Actually Need

 Two Le Pliages should fit everything
There are so many lists out there on how to pack your hospital bag. My first piece of advice to you is to find out what your hospital offers before you start packing your things. Mine provided me with so much stuff, it was surprisingly awesome! No need to pack a giant suitcase, I just stuffed everything I needed into two large Le Pliage bags. The laptop, tablet and chargers took up a fair bit of space.

My Hospital Swag:

lip balm and body lotion
soap, shampoo & conditioner
toothbrush and toothpaste
socks, gowns and the ugliest underwear ever
sanitary pads, peri bottle
breast pads and nipple cream
diapers, wipes, onesies, hats, and blankets for baby

What I Needed and Used:

hair ties (most important thing for comfort since I had over 2 feet of hair)
face moisturizer, some travel-sized makeup
our phone chargers
camera (with charged battery)
clothes for the whole family to go home in
toothbrush for Brendan
receiving blanket
snacks for Brendan (he actually ate them and suggests you bring more!)
laptop and tablet and chargers
some cash just in case
reusable bags to bring your hospital swag home in
car seat

We preregistered a month before Noah's due date, so our hospital already had all of our insurance info beforehand. I also made sure that my OB and the hospital had a copy of my birth plan. I remember going out of my way to look for sugar-free candies to suck on while in labour because some list recommended it, and I think they are still in the cupboard.

This might be obvious to some people, but it may be best to leave your jewelry at home. I am notorious for not going anywhere without at least one bracelet on, so I was wearing a thin one with a letter "N" charm on it. They made me take it off to make room for my IV and I refused. I just switched it to the other wrist. Pregnant ladies are crazy, so no one argued with me! Then when I was on the operating table, I nearly lost an earring. Next time, I will be smarter and less stubborn, I swear.

Once it's time to go home, it is such a scary and magical feeling. You walked in as a couple and leave with this tiny new family member that you guys created together. We, like so many new parents before us, had no idea what we were doing, whatsoever!

So don't stress too much over what to pack in your hospital bag, cause you'll forget all about it when baby arrives. :)

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