Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sweet Haul

I love finding deals on adorable and stylish baby clothes for Small Human. In the beginning, it's really great because people give you so many cute things. Noah had the best little outfits in his first 8 months of life from doting family and friends alone. Now I've got to actually buy things, which is fine by me because it's so fun.

So many people told me that it wasn't as fun to buy boys clothes. While baby boy clothes are not quite as extravagant or intricate as baby girl clothes, I still think they are super stinkin' adorble. It turns out that I am a pretty preppy mommy, who often dresses her son like herself, but little boy version. Dorks!

I get a daily email from a neighborhood mom group, and I managed to score a really great haul for baby boys 12-18 month clothing. It was $35 for some chinos, pants, jeans, hoodies, a jacket, and tops. There were a couple designer pieces in there too, all really soft, worn in, and in good condition.

Mom Tip: If you ever stumble upon a deal like this, someone selling or giving away their baby clothes, JUMP ON IT. Babies grow so quickly that they rarely ruin anything, especially things like jackets and tops.

What's kinda freaking me out though, is that he can fit into some of these things already. Jeepers, Noah, what are mommy and daddy feeding you?

I love love love this jacket cause his Lolo Noe has one just like it!

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