Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wow, San Francisco

This is my very first time in San Francisco, and I already love the city. I have jealousy and hatred for everyone that lives here. Okay not really, but I do think San Franciscans are hella lucky. You better appreciate this gorgeous city that you live in!

We got a place in the "Tender Nob" which is the border of Nob Hill and the Tenderloin. It's close to a lot of fun, walkable things. We seriously walked everywhere, sickies and all! Impressive, but probably not very good for a speedy recovery from this nasty cold.

Noah did so well! He only got cranky towards the late afternoon, cause he just wanted to get out of his stroller and play. My husband is wonderful because he lets me do touristy things like visit the house from Mrs. Doubtfire, eat In-N-Out burgers, and see the Sea Lions on Pier 39 (which I think kinda scared Noah)! Here are a few pics from our adventures.

At the Mrs. Doubtfire house "Hellooooo!"
The Transamerica Pyramid
Our sea lion doppelgangers 
My tired baby sea lion

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