Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Noah's First Halloween

Remember when you were little and you would get over the moon excited about dressing up for Halloween, or counting down the days 'til Christmas? As an adult, you kinda forget about those things, or they at least fall a few notches on your priority list. That was the case for me, anyway.

Well, when you have a kid, you get to have those things again! It's even more fun this time around, because you have the privilege of watching a new little person see it with fresh eyes. Noah's still very little, so he doesn't really get it yet, but all his new experiences are accumulating and registering in his quickly growing mind. It's beautiful to behold.

I wanted Noah to be a painting elephant this year (see what I mean on youtube), except he loves putting the paintbrush in his mouth, so I think he'll just be an elephant, which is just as cute and also, safer.

At Monday's class, we dressed up the little beans for Halloween, and thankfully, Noah liked wearing his costume. He wasn't a big fan of the suit when I tried it on him for the first time a month ago, but maybe it was too warm out and mommy was just annoying by stuffing him into a fleece elephant outfit.

We'll be taking him out on Halloween, not to go trick or treating, but just to walk around the neighbourhood to see all the big kids dressed up, and to get a feel for the festivities. (And so mommy & daddy can relive Halloween, yay!)

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