Saturday, October 12, 2013

San Francisco Continued!

I had had enough of Noah's public restroom temper tantrums, so I asked Brendan if he would take over for me at least once. It was a scream fest from the moment they walked into the men's bathroom. The interesting part was while I waited outside for the boys to finish up, five separate women stood outside the bathroom door concernedly, worried for the baby who sounded like he was either being murdered or neglected inside the men's restroom. I assured each one that it was just my overly dramatic son, the public restroom snob. I'm pretty sure that if I wasn't there to reassure everyone that everything was fine, someone would have called the police!

We decided to take it easy with the hills today, since yesterday we walked up Lombard, then down Lombard, and back up again. For those of you who don't know, Lombard is pretty freaking steep (although not the steepest).

There was still plenty of walking though! We explored the Mission District, ate delicious food at La Taqueria, and Mission Pies, saw the Potrero District, Mission Bay for Philz Coffee, and sought shelter from the evening cold at the awesome Ferry Building full of pretty and delicious things. Oh and we saw the Bay Bridge too, no biggie, just a teeny tiny bridge, whatevs.

Playing with the magnets at Mission Pies

Lion King-ing at Noah's Bagels

Putting our feet up at Phillz

Bay Bridge

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