Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sickies on Vacation

Sick baby clinging to mama
Tuesday was our sickest day so far as a family. Noah had a hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep, which meant that Brendan and I sleeping off our colds was out of the question. But we weren't about to stay in on a gorgeous, sunny California morning, so instead, we walked all over San Francisco!

We took the Muni, which is this super cool subway/streetcar train. It literally transforms from a regular subway to a streetcar with steps when it goes to street level. We found this out when the floor that Brendan was standing on began to convert into a little flight of stairs. Amazing. I am easily impressed.

Anyway, we took it straight over to the water so we could see the Pacific Ocean, and then turned back and walked through Golden Gate Park. So beautiful! My proudest moment of the trip was when we were mistaken for locals. Woohoo, score!

Then I got to do more touristy things like go see the "Painted Ladies" in Postcard Row in front of Alamo Square Park, aka the houses in the opening credits of Full House.

The only obstacle we have encountered is changing Noah's diapers. It has proven to be quite a huge feat. This kid has some kind of serious aversion to public diaper changes. We're talking screaming, twisting, kicking and thrashing. It has honestly become a job for two. Almost every public diaper change has resulted in a baby meltdown and a mommy nervous breakdown.

We've still had tons of fun, regardless. We are falling deeply in love with this lovely city!

Postcard Row, across from Alamo Square Park

After a diaper debacle. This picture sums up the force of nature that is my son.

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