Friday, May 30, 2014

A Maybe-Milestone?

I trimmed Noah's hair today. Those of you who know Noah must be going, "What hair??" It's true, my son has been notoriously bald, which Brendan and I think is hilarious and adorable. However, it's also the reason why I have been reluctant to cut the weird wisps of long "old man hair" around his ears, along with his pointy bangs. Did I really want to cut off what little covering my guy did have?

Somehow it feels like it should be a more momentous, ceremonious occasion. I guess it's just hair. His first bestie has had something like 5 haircuts or more already! Anyway, while he was drinking and playing with his magnets on the fridge, I just did it. Luckily he doesn't have enough hair for me to give him a bad haircut, so it was really no big deal.

I feel so weird about it though! He looks exactly the same, but maybe the old wives tale will work in his favour and the trim will make him grow some more hair. Oh my sweet, bald, little man! In almost 17 months, we have used only one and a half bottles of baby shampoo. Thanks for saving us money Noah! ;)

Happy weekend everybody!

This is it. That's what he needed cut, 20 hairs. lololol!

Happily launching himself down our hilly street

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