Thursday, May 1, 2014

Of Course!

The Small Human is slowly but surely learning his body parts. He can also very clearly distinguish the difference between English and other languages. When he hears my parents speak in Tagalog to me, after a while he puts his hands on his ears and shakes his head! Probably because he can't understand what's going on, which I need to work on somehow.

When I sing to him in French he thinks everything is normal, but when I speak to him in French he just grins and giggles at me like I'm telling a joke. Then when he hears Spanish he laughs his little face off! He can seriously distinguish between each one! Babies are incredible, and I need to work on making him into a little polyglot like his Tita Joy who speaks English, French, Tagalog and Japanese.

So far he responds to simple commands like, "bring me your sippy" and "put your blocks away". If I ask him where dada is when he's at work, he goes to the door to see if he's there. I plan on teaching him the parts of the body in three languages, but so far these are the English ones he can point to on himself and some on others:

1. Nose
2. Mouth
3. Feet
4. Ears
5. Hands
6. Penis
7. Belly

Is anyone at all surprised that he knows his penis? He's such a boy! What's funny is that he talks so much, but I just don't know what the heck he's saying. :) Soon! Happy May everybody!

This has been his favourite book, that he inherited from the O'Meara kids! <3

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