Friday, May 9, 2014

Have A Wonderful Mother's Day!

What's the best way to have a great Mother's Day?

1. Don't have any expectations. Don't let rain or the fact that people forgot stop your celebrating. You earned this day!

2. Live in the moment and breathe. Tantrums and mess happen, no matter what day it is.

3. If you want to do something specific, do it. Sometimes us moms gotta plan it ourselves. No biggie!

4. Enjoy the reason you get to celebrate Mother's Day and snuggle the babes you've been blessed with. xo

This mama is going to enjoy some time at the salon getting her hair done, and then getting a permanent symbol to commemorate her family. :)

Follow me on Instagram for daily and weekend shenanigan updates! Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's day to all of you hardworking mamas out there. Thanks for doing all that you do, especially my mom who has put up with me for 35 years. ;)

Once again for the last minute types: Last Minute Ideas For Partners With Lots On Their Minds :)

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