Monday, May 19, 2014

16 Month Favourites

My Small Human is 16 months old. He understand things, follows commands, and has a sense of humour. He is a real person that I can walk down the street with. How did this happen?

He is also an outdoorsman like his Dada! He gets really cranky and out of sorts if we don't go out once or twice a day. He lets me know it's time to go out by bringing me my shoes and trying to put them on my feet, and then bringing me his shoes to put on his little feet. As if this wasn't hint enough, he then stands in front of the door and points to it. Cracks me up.

These are a few of our favourite things at the moment:

1. Sleep Shorts

As soon as the weather got warmer, I knew I needed to get a few of these sleep shorts from The GAP. I waited for them to go on sale so I got them for between $10 and $15. They are so cute and offer enough coverage to keep him both cool and warm overnight.

2. Peek-a-Boo Who?

I don't know what it is about this lift the flap book, but Noah is obsessed with it. He acts like he's studying it for an exam, but then periodically shrieks and giggles at it and says "Atdit" which we think means "What's this?". So. Cute.

3. Timberland Closed-Toe Sandals

Now that summer is coming and spring has been just lovely, I knew I wanted to invest in a pair of waterproof, closed-toe sandals for Noah. This way they can also be worn in the water, and I don't have to stress out about my active and adventurous monkey stubbing his toes in regular sandals. I am speaking from personal experience from my own childhood. ;)

4. Crayons

My little guy loves to colour! He even has a couple different techniques. It's a bit tricky though cause you can't just leave him with a whole box of crayons or he will either eat them, throw them across the room, stomp on them, or start colouring things like the refrigerator or the couch. One crayon in each hand seems to make him really happy for now, and we're still teaching him that they are not for munching on. Fun with supervision!

5. Bandana Bibs From Etsy

Noah's been using bandana bibs since he was 8 months old, which is when most of his teeth started to come in. They are in high rotation again because it has been drool city up in here, presumably from molars coming in, or because he likes to stick things in his mouth so it's constantly open. Either way, they are a cute and stylish way to keep his neck and chest dry and are a total must have at our house.

We are doing a bit better with the tantrums because somehow, we are both getting more patient with each other. I'm trying to understand what it is that he is trying to say, and he is trying his best to convey his message. It doesn't always work out but we're getting there. Sleeping has been great, no more night terrors, and Brendan and I are starting to wrap our heads around the possibility of a toddler bed. (!!!) Momie's not ready though!

Have a great week everybody!

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