Monday, May 5, 2014

Not So Happy When It Rains

I wish weekends were always bright and sunny and warm. Unfortunately, this past weekend's weather sucked, and therefore so did my mood. I was tired and headachey all day Saturday, yet still managed to vacuum and do laundry, clean out the rabbits' kennels, and chase a whiny boy who was not pleased with being cooped up for the whole day.

Small Human and I were supposed to go to the food trucks in our park and eat all the foods, but it was pouring rain for the whole day. Every time I thought it was stopping, we'd go out and get soaked, so I gave up and ordered pizza after our third try. Noah enjoyed our impromptu pizza party though, which was fun. He fed momie and babbled and shrieked like a happy little man.

Then later that night he broke a favourite beer glass, and at 11pm woke up with gas and nightmares and didn't go back to sleep until 1am. He did not sleep in the next morning either. Blerg.

Sunday was better, there was a bit less rain and I got to pamper myself at the salon. It was time to cut off some of my 26" long hair. I only chopped off 6" so it's still plenty long! It'll be nice to not get strangled by it when I'm sleeping. ;)

We got to have a bit of outside time before the rain returned though, which always helps. And in true Seattle fashion, the sun (or at least the drier weather) came back for Monday. You have a horrible sense of humour Emerald City, but nevertheless, happy Monday friends!

I love how he looks teeny with his dada...
...and so big with me!
My new hairdo! 

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