Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Perfect Nap Recipe

When Small Human was a Tiny Human, he was a nap champion. He could sleep anywhere, anytime: in a noisy restaurant, in a sun filled park, on someone's floor. Now that he's a toddler, nap times have become a bit more finicky.

Most days I can get anywhere from 1 and a half hours to 3 hours out of him. The norm is 2. It has fluctuated a lot in the last couple of weeks, which is making me a bit bonkers. He always has one crappy 30 minute nap every week.

I have discovered though, that it all boils down to a special nap recipe, which sounds ridiculous but is totally true (in my head).

Noah's Perfect Nap Recipe:

1. He must be well fed and hydrated, but not overfed.

2. He must have a bone dry diaper before falling asleep.

3. He must have pooped twice before nap time.

4. He needs to have run around like a hyper human for an hour.

Pretty simple right? The only thing I don't have control over is the two poops, but it's the most vital one in my opinion. That darned second poop always wakes him up early, cause who can sleep with poop in their pants really?

I'm sorry if anyone hates poop talk, or if you thought this was a post about getting your kid to nap for a long time. This is my recipe for nap time success though, I hope it can help you achieve yours!

However, the advice I can offer is with the transition from two morning naps to one big toddler nap. The only advice I got was to "just cut out the morning nap" which is great if you have a one year old who does exactly what you say 100% of the time.

What no one taught me was the key to doing this is in 15 minute increments. Keep pushing the nap by 15 minutes, until your toddler is sleeping in the afternoon. It's a gradual, non-scary change that is very achievable. This one helpful tidbit has proved to be invaluable.

Hope everyone survives Hump Day!

He chose this flower from the store, himself.

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