Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mommy Daycare

I now know that I can absolutely handle two kids on a daily basis. Last Friday I had the pleasure of watching Noah's friends, twins girls Beatrice and Vivian for a few hours. Oh man, it was so much fun, a little bit stressful at times but nothing I couldn't handle.

Strangely, the stress wasn't from disasters happening, but from my inexperience with making another child wait. Right now, Noah gets my full attention and it's easy breezy. Having three kids the same age though, felt a bit like I was getting swarmed by hungry squirrels at the park. Literally. I made the mistake of taking out a food packet and I thought a brawl was going to ensue. Lesson learned, wait until everyone is seated and strapped in before showing the toddlers food!

Another good thing to know is that you will most likely get a variety of personalities. Just because you have one hyper kid doesn't mean all your kids will be hyper, just like having one calm kid doesn't guarantee you will have a calm clan. Bea was so great at independent play, happy as can be just doing her own thing with toys and books, while Viv and Noah duked it out over who got to sit in the chair or who was holding the coolest toy.

It wasn't for very long, but I can't believe I was alone with three beans under two in my house! Once Noah went down for his nap it was the easiest thing on earth, which is why I am convinced I can handle two now.

What a great morning and afternoon! The consensus was that everyone loves dancing to music, reading books, and pretending to talk on the phone. I took a bazillion pictures because it was like a cute explosion. So glad Noah's got so many great friends that he's known since babyhood!

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