Thursday, May 8, 2014

Energizer Baby

If I had about one quarter of Noah's energy, I would be set. If only there was some kind of synergistic bond between a mother and her children that allowed you to function as a shared energy unit. After awhile I feel like a zombie when I'm chasing him around town, and he looks like he could keep going forever. Pretty ironic for a child who's name means "rest" and "peace".

Wednesday was especially bad energetic. I pushed his nap to 1:30, but instead he napped for 5 minutes in the car and then for 30 minutes at home in his crib. THIRTY MINUTES. That's about two hours too short. My poor little guy was such a cranky asshole. So off to the park we went. I was hoping to unleash him and he could run around until he passed out but no such luck.

Instead, he ran through fields, attempted to climb trees, flirted with everyone who stopped to talk to him and tell him he was cute, chased squirrels and dogs, collected rocks, tasted rocks, collected twigs, tasted twigs, blew dandelion fluff, climbed up hills, rolled around in the grass and leaves, climbed in and out of his stroller repeatedly, and yelped happily. He never got tired. He ran around all morning in my friend's backyard too.

I was exhausted even with an afternoon coffee, while Noah managed it with virtually no nap. Did he go to sleep early though? Nope, he didn't go down until 8pm. I have so much respect for people with 2+ kids, how do you do it without cocaine?! (Don't take cocaine) Hopefully tomorrow will be normal, cause frankly, it just feels unhealthy to go so long without sleep when you're a tiny, growing, ball of energy.

Before he fell asleep for the night, he reminded me why I love him so much by lifting his head up and aiming a big kiss right for momie's cheek. Well played monsieur bébé, well played. Happy Thursday to all, and GO HABS GO!

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