Friday, May 16, 2014

Caution: Do Not Fall Asleep

This warning doesn't just apply to when you are operating heavy machinery. If you fall asleep on the couch while your toddler is awake, you could get awakened in bad ways. Wanna know how I was roused from my accidental afternoon snooze? With pain, a bloody nose, and shrieking from everybody involved. I think I was only out for 20 minutes while my Small Human was safely and independently playing and reading, until he thought it would be fun to jump on momie's chest while jamming a finger up her nostril.

I felt terror from being surprise attacked by 25 pounds of human, and pain from a sharp little finger being shoved really far up into my nose, and knobbly knees digging into my rib cage. There was blood (me), crying (me and Noah), and swearing (me). Everyone's fine though, nothing a bit of snuggling and snacks couldn't fix, but lesson learned!

May you all have a happy Friday and happy weekend. xoxo

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