Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Small Firefighter

Sometimes things work out so well that you just have to thank your lucky stars and really embrace life. It could be something big or something small, but whatever it is, you should never let it pass you by.

One such occurrence graced us yesterday morning, so we rolled with it! A huge City of Seattle firetruck parked outside our building and Noah shrieked with delight from the window. So I threw some jackets on us and we went out to see it.

Noah wasn't shy at all! He babbled and chirped and laughed at the firefighters, but shook his head violently when they asked him if he wanted to ride in the truck. We all laughed at that and then he proceeded to touch the door and the giant tire. He loved that truck let me tell you. He was in such innocent awe of its grandness! They said he was the most brave littlest guy they've seen so far. Then when they drove away he waved happily and so did the gigantic firefighters who turned into cutie piles of mush around one toddler.

It was lovely and I'm glad we got to do that. :)

He was SO excited!

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