Tuesday, April 29, 2014

15 Month Favourites

This is a bit late since Small Human turned 15 months on the 16th, but so many stressors came about that it slipped my mind completely. Our littlest mister Wilson is doing well though! He scared us with a bit of a virus and hunger strike earlier this month, but I think we're hitting another growth spurt because he's suddenly way hungrier than he usually is, thank goodness.

At his last Well Baby check up, Noah was in the 90th percentile for height and 50th for weight. So, tall and thin like his dada. It makes him look like a hilarious bobblehead doll though, with his giant head and muscular little bod. He's wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes but with some smaller 18-24 month stuff mixed in. (!!!)

This kid loves to dance to music, squeeze and look at animals happily, and anything that spins, like wheels on my bicycle, his stroller, and his toy cars. Here are a few of Noah's current favourites:

1. His blue Chucks. Even when he's not wearing them, sometimes he'll go find them and carry them around the house with him. :)

2. His Foxy. He has woken up screaming a couple times this month, and we've gone in to see him clutching this fox! (so cute) He even hugs him during nap time now.

3. His Kleen Kanteen sippy. It was a struggle for us to find a non plastic sippy cup, or even a silicone one that didn't just spill water everywhere if you flipped it upside down. We use these for water and his Pura Kiki sippies for milk. That way he knows what he's in for. He is a great water drinker so we haven't given him any juice or flavoured water. No need.
4. Baby Tractor book. We originally borrowed this from the library but liked it so much that we bought it. I think he likes the different, brightly coloured tractors and the fact that there are farm animals hidden behind each one. 

Like every mom on earth, I worry about Noah's development. Physically, I couldn't be happier, he was an early walker, is very dexterous, and loves to climb things. Verbally though, he still mostly speaks his own special Noah language. :) He says mama, dada, bath, Xbox, uh oh (not really a word), light, and I think he was trying to say "dance" today! He shakes his head when he doesn't want to do something, gives ascent by nodding his head, or crosses his arms in front of him when he has had enough food. I know he understands us because he follows commands, but it is what it is. I'm still very proud, I assure you!

I know I say this all the time, but he is so fun right now! It's incredible to be able to watch him grow. <3 Happy Tuesday!

So happy! Even though he fell on his head/face THREE times in 30 minutes. Oy.

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