Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mr. Picky and The Infinite Pickiness

As far as I can tell, Noah cannot read yet. I know this because he doesn't know the alphabet. Yet he is still able to identify which organic food packet he likes and which one he dislikes. They are mostly varying shades of green and silly Momie thought they'd all look the same to her toddler. Momie was wrong. He seriously somehow knows which is which before tasting them.

I still give him the puree packets to supplement his diet with fruits and vegetables because he refuses to eat them like a stereotypical child. Since I am just as stubborn, I refuse to let him subsist on cheese and bread alone, but I've also decided that I'm not gonna stress out or force him to eat and give him bad food associations in the future.

I'm exasperated by trying to appease the boy king and finding what foods he'll actually ingest. So far, chicken enchiladas are a big hit but if we feed it to him too often, he hates it. Also, toast with peanut butter is now out, and bagels with butter are in. We are struggling to keep up with his expanding palette, but he refuses to eat half the things we do, so it's a bit of a battle.

We had his 15 month Well Baby checkup today, and he's tall, slender, healthy and normal. Oh and those vaccinations? No prob, Momie, I'm a tough guy!

I'm doing my best to feed him healthfully but I keep forgetting that he's a person with rapidly changing tastes. The pediatrician said that as long as he's getting a well balanced diet week to week, I shouldn't worry about the day to day. Maybe I'll send him on a couple foodie trips with Anthony Bourdain, or his Tito Jeffrey. ;)

His favourite. He has no idea it's fruits and vegetables.

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