Wednesday, April 2, 2014


For the less internet fashion savvy, that stands for Outfit of The Day. I am determined to overcome my feelings of malaise, which I gather must be a good thing. If it was really bad, I don't think I'd care quite so much. Anyway, I dressed my Small Human in shades of blue and grey today to give the somber colours a positive spin, and might I say I think I did a great job!

Some of the kids clothes at The GAP are so ridiculously overpriced, and they aren't even designer. I always get Noah's clothes off the sales rack at an additional 35-40% off so that they are in the vicinity of affordable. He gets good use out of all his pieces, because we sometimes go through two outfits a day, and I make him wear them until it's plainly obvious that he no longer fits into them. I'm so bad at graduating to the next size because I'm in denial about him growing up so quickly!

I actually take him shopping with me and he lets me know if he likes something, which usually has to do with colour, softness of the material, or if it has a hilarious animal on it. They know us at our GAP, so Noah always gets tickles, peek-a-boos, and stickers when we go, it's great.

I found this gem of a lightweight sweater yesterday, the original price was $34.95! Since we're not billionaires, we can't afford to buy clothes that will be worn for 7 months at that price point. I found it for $17.99 plus another 40% off. With tax it came to 11 bucks which is still pricey in my book, but it's huge so it's got some longevity and it'll fit easily in my purse for the random Seattle cold snaps from now until early fall.

Brendan was jealous, he wants one too. :)

I don't know what an OOTD is Momie

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