Monday, April 7, 2014

My Cloud Has Lifted

"I shake my little tush on the catwalk"
My personal woebegone rain cloud has lifted. I don't fully comprehend how and why it can come and go so quickly, but I don't want to question why I'm happy. I just want to find out how I can keep from feeling sad again. Hormones are the likely culprit, but that's such a vague blanket answer. As of now, the exact reason remains a mystery, and life goes on.

We had a wonderful weekend in Seattle! We went for dim sum and coffee with friends, had adventures downtown, and got a coffee thermos decanter (yes, we're coffee dorks and that is exciting for us). We also continued the house hunt, played in the park, refrained from cleaning the house, and I thankfully got in my weekly mommy relaxation time.

This weekend was the third consecutive week of my dedicated "Me Time", so maybe the cumulative effects are finally kicking in. This weekend's indulgence was a 90 minute full body massage with my favourite therapist. It's always like a girl date and pampering session rolled into one with her, she's the best.

For many, many years now I have been celebrating Birthday Months. I don't like to limit myself to celebrating for just one day, so I celebrate the whole thirty days of April usually. Sometimes it's a big thing like a spa day, or a little thing like using a face masque and having a cup of tea. Basically, I do something nice for just me without holding back (within reason).

Women especially, are often too quick to mourn getting another year older, so I choose to celebrate it with childlike exuberance. Keeps me young. :)

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  1. “Women especially, are often too quick to mourn getting another year older…” – That's true! And I’m glad that you found an effective way to help you feel young and happy through the wonders of massages, And finding a therapist that knows you too well, and can give you an amazing experience every time. Cheers!

    Ervin Willis @ Main Street Massage Therapy