Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Weekend

The Wilsons are going to try to do happy things this weekend. It's the last weekend of April, and I think we just need it. Small Human's humongous appetite is back which means he's feeling better finally, and my tests came back from the doctor all clear. I'm healthy, my boys are healthy, there's no reason why we shouldn't try to enjoy life.

A lot of people probably think I'm annoying for documenting and sharing our life constantly, but when I weighed it out, I felt that I would regret not doing it more. I admit that there's value in keeping one's privacy but I truly think that human experiences should be shared with one another, even if it's just the banal day to day stuff. That's what you look back fondly on when you have the luxury of looking back.

Life might start to seem mundane after awhile when you're not dealing with the stresses of office life, or retail life, or being on set. While those places of work can make for some interesting stories and memories, I think that I will cherish my time with my baby man the most.

He's so much fun, and his cuteness makes me crazy with each passing day. I used to think it was daunting to have the huge responsibility of making sure your child turns out "right" but now I feel somewhat honoured. We've been given an opportunity to show a new person our incredible world with all it's complexities and wonders.

So enjoy the weekend, rain or shine. Have fun, belly laugh, and hug. You won't regret it.

Noah "using" my laptop :)


  1. Just discovered your blog and LOOVE it! Now following you and have added your blog to my blog roll xx

    1. Thank you so much Louise, I appreciate your readership! <3 Have a great week :)