Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Face Masque Obsession

I kind of have an addiction to face masques. You know what though? I'm just gonna roll with it because it's healthy, doesn't hurt anyone, and it makes me happy cause it's fun and relaxing. Sometimes I force Brendan to do it with me, and he's so sweet that he always obliges.

Looking like a murderer for 20 minutes has its kicks too. I actually thought Noah would be really scared to see me in a masque, but he took one look at me and fell over laughing. So there's that.

Then there's how my skin looks afterward, which is a nice reward. I'm always left with a really smooth, glowing complexion. My skin's pretty dry, so it can drink up a lot of any extra moisture I can give it.

My friend just recently gave me a bunch of Asian paper face masques and I am having a ball with them! If you're used to masques that dry first before washing them off, these ones might feel strange to you. They are wet and stay wet, but they're infused with all kinds of serum-y goodness. You don't have to wash your face afterwards, just massage in the nutrients, add moisturizer and you're good to go.

You can use one a day without going overboard with treatment. Women in Asia swear by them, and I'm pretty inclined to believe them, especially seeing how incredible my skin has been just this week alone. If you live in Seattle, you can find them at Uwajimaya, otherwise check out Amazon. Lastly: I am so sorry if you get addicted too. :P

Crazy face is optional, but more fun.

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