Friday, April 11, 2014

Hunger Strike & Feeling Thankful

Small Human went from eating all the food to eating nearly no food, it is beyond ridiculous already. All he wants is milk, water and toast, he barely even eats cheese. It's definitely more teething, it's his canines this time but the clincher is that I can't give him Advil, only Tylenol because of the big bruises on his head. Tylenol does nothing.

I know he won't starve, but I have wasted a ton of food in the last 48 hours, and that drives me nuts. Also I think I may have gained some weight from trying to eat his food and my own. This of course adds to my frustration.

Thursday wasn't really much better than Wednesday, I really felt like I was sticking it out with a mental patient. Tears and whining, refusing food, not knowing what he wants, and more head smacking all day long. Then at long last, at 5pm, he found some stale snacks in a bowl and started to eat them. I was too tired to rejoice, I was broken.

Then we went for a little evening walk and passed a daddy who was pulling his son in a wagon. He was about Noah's age, maybe younger and the little guy had a leg cast. They both looked miserable. Well that sure stopped my bellyaching. We don't have it that bad.

It has been quite the week but it's good to be reminded of your blessings. Happy weekend my friends, thanks for your encouraging words this week. :) Enjoy yourselves and enjoy spring!

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