Thursday, April 17, 2014

I've Had Better

I know I went missing yesterday, but that was because on the evening of my 35th birthday, I was struck with a stomach virus. Happy birthday to meeeeee. Brendan also caught the bug but he has a stomach of steel and barely felt it, while I suffered through the night with stomach cramps and nausea. To make a long story short, I ended up at the clinic yesterday getting a shot of Zofran in the butt, and had dehydration. I was so dehydrated that they tried to draw blood from my arm and even though they were so far up my vein, they still couldn't get any blood out of me. Seriously.

That is the story of my fabulous 35th birthday. Luckily, as my kind friend Stacie reminded me, I celebrate for the whole month of April so it doesn't matter!

Before I fell ill I still managed to have lots of fun at least! I got my hair blown out at the salon while my boys played in the mall play structure, and we got to eat at my favourite dumpling place for lunch. Then I got to take a nap (!!!), and we walked around our beautiful city and had dinner at one of my fave spots, Pink Door before I succumbed to the stupid virus.

The best present was having a healthy baby and a husband who took such good care of me and our son for two days. So I can't complain, even though I still feel quite delicate today. I feel very lucky regardless!

PSA: Always sit up straight for pictures, otherwise you look pregnant when you're not.

He slept through most of lunch, good boy!

My favourite!!!!

Like father, like son ;)

Birthday apps

My little boy and I

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