Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why I Will Never Be Relaxed Again

Wednesday morning was a very shitty morning. We usually have a playdate, but one of the other mamas wasn't feeling well, and then one of the other babies was potentially sick. Then my son decided it would be a good idea to surf off his armchair. Since he's a baby, he didn't think it through and ended up smacking his head into the side cabinet. The fall didn't look or sound too bad, but when I picked him up to hug him, there was a giant golf ball sized lump on his head. With a bloody scrape.

I went into shock and almost had a panic attack. I called Brendan, took a picture of the bump, messaged a pic to my mommy friends for a quick emergency diagnosis, then I called the doctor while changing a poopy diaper. We got an appointment within the hour.

Then we snuggled while I put some frozen peas on the goose egg. The swelling went down significantly, but I was worried because he was really sleepy. It was close to nap time and there was a lot of crying that could've tired him out, but still. I needed to have a doctor check him out or I would never breathe/eat/sleep again.

He is just fine though! In fact, I was a bit nervous that they would think I was abusing my son, since we didn't go in to see our regular pediatrician. The doctor assured me that they know what an abused child looks like, and what a rambunctious toddler accident looks like. (Hey, you never know.)

Noah demonstrated that he was alert and behaving normally. Everything was in order, but if he started to act lethargic, dizzy or overly sleepy, I was instructed to go to the hospital right away. The cut on the surface wasn't due to splitting from a hard impact, but was from scraping the edge of the cabinet after he bumped his head.

I guess this is just life now but it was still scary. I have scared my parents a dozen times and I'm alive to tell the tales. :)

Update: He was healing up nicely, when he got bowled over by another kid in music class and fell on his head. AGAIN. So there's a new bruise overlapping the old one. I swear, we are not leaving the house again until he has healed or I am mentally stable again. Geez Louise.

The terrifying bump at 10:15am
No more bump at 6:30pm, just a bruise and that laceration.

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