Friday, April 18, 2014

We Will Miss You Steve

Yesterday morning, we lost a friend. He was the husband of one of my closest mommy friends, and an awesome stay at home dad to beautiful twin girls. It makes no sense to lose someone young, and especially not a person who was needed and loved so much.

My friend's words telling us the news still haunt me, and part of me wished so badly that it was some nutty prank of Steve's. I'm just glad to have met him. He was honest, kind, quirky, and hilarious, and his Steve-isms will stick with me forever. The runs will always be known as: "Uncle Diarrhea" in the Wilson household because of him.

To Eliza and the girls: anything that we can do for you, we will do. Whenever you need us to take care of the girls, we can (even when they're 16). Whenever you crave risotto, consider it made. Brendan, Noah and I love you very much.

Wherever you are Steve, we will miss you. That enormous double rainbow you left your girls last night was spectacular. Really wish you didn't have to go. xoxo

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  1. Very cute :) Just started reading your blog. Great pos