Thursday, July 31, 2014

Eating Struggles

However hard you try, you will inevitably worry about your child's development. In our case, it's eating food. Yes, still. I don't worry about his survival, I know that his uncle Mark subsisted on waffles for nearly a year of his life as a child, and he is a large, healthy man now. I also no longer worry about him gagging on solid food like I did a year ago. I just wish he'd eat things that are good for him. The struggle of every mom that ever lived, I know.

He knows how to eat with a fork, but he only likes starches, dairy, and meats. I got so excited this morning when he put a piece of kale in his mouth for 30 seconds and didn't spit it out. But he did end up spitting it out. He won't eat fruits or vegetables, he just runs or backs away from me when I try to entice him to eat a beautiful little cut up piece of fruit. So I still have to trick him into eating fruits and veggies through smoothies.

I know that as long as he's eating and growing, I shouldn't worry. Brendan and I were both picky eaters, so this is probably our comeuppance. One day I will get him to love kale salad as much as momie does!

Happy Thursday y'all!

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