Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I consider it a successful outing or playdate when my Small Human doesn't scream like he's being murdered, runs away from me constantly, hurts himself, or throws a tantrum. This morning we had a very successful playdate, and it probably helped that I was also well-rested, caffeinated and fed.

My little man has been unbearably cranky in the afternoons because of some teeth coming in, so I was mildly nervous about this morning, until he started giggling in the car the entire drive there! Big, big sigh of relief for this mama. For once, he wasn't at all high maintenance, he just ran around the playground and played, like a kid should.

Even though he doesn't really talk to us much yet, I really love this age. He's still my baby, except he can move around and has ideas of his own about what he wants to do. I know I am about to sound like such a mommy cliche, but I have been especially proud and impressed with Small Human because his friends inadvertently taught him the sign language sign for "more". It's so cute and shocking how quickly these creatures learn. It makes sense I guess, seeing his friends do it and watching them get more food or drink. Toddler jackpot!

Still, it feels good to have toddler distractions. It has felt like dark days for my family because my uncle passed away at the beginning of the month, and now my other uncle is having heart bypass surgery as we speak, the day after his birthday. I feel helpless and sad out here in Seattle, so all I can do is hope and pray and try to focus on love and positivity. xoxo

He was eating wet, sandy dirt, so I gave him some more cornbread blueberry muffin!


  1. Hes so gorgeous! i love his little comb over hehe xx

    Thrive on Novelty

    1. Hahaha! Thanks Louise! His fuzzy little hair cracks me up ;)