Monday, July 21, 2014

The Purse Addict

Ever since I decided to consolidate my purse and diaper bag into one, I have been very sadly neglecting my numerous teeny tiny, gorgeous purses. This summer though, I have been ecstatic because I finally figured out a way to use them again. Well, the ones with cross-body straps anyway: when I am chasing Small Human through a playground or wading pool!

This requires a bit more extra preparation on my part because it means deconstructing my diaper bag, and I admit that it has left me a bit unprepared once or twice, but I'm getting the hang of it. I am super paranoid about playground theft even though I've never been a victim of it myself. What better target for a thief than a bunch of distracted parents who are busy watching their children?

My friend's entire UPPAbaby G-Luxe stroller was stolen at a park earlier this summer (which still makes me so angry), and a few other parents have had random things like blankets and snacks taken from them, so now I never leave anything I would be sad to miss. I would be annoyed if someone took my wipes and diapers, but those are easily replaceable. 

My paranoia worked in my favour this weekend. There was a pretty, but weird and strung out girl at the park, milling around and repeatedly looking at my big purse hanging on Small Human's stroller. Brendan was with me, so there was always one person with the stroller, and since we were both on the lookout, her sketchiness was obvious and we moved on to other park adventures.

Anyway, it's silly, but using my little purses brings me so much pleasure, like I can still be the old Lilibeth at the same time as I can be new Lilibeth. Hey man, you gotta appreciate the little things. Happy Monday!

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