Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Workout Routine

Haha just kidding, as if I have a workout routine! Oh wait, I kind of do. Small Human's new favourite thing to do is throw his toys off our balcony. He thinks it's hilarious and that he's discovered something incredibly awesome and innovative. That means I have to go down and out and around to get them from the driveway below us multiple times a day. It's so much fun.

Luckily for the neighbour who parks his car below us, he's only thrown really light things, but I fear for the day he throws something heavy. I highly doubt he would be able to lift anything heavy to throw off though. Famous last words, I know.

Now that the weather is ah-may-zing, we've been spending lots of time out on our balcony! We've baby-proofed it with netting, and obviously, we don't leave him out there unsupervised. It feels great to have a bit of outdoor space, cause it's like a seasonal extension of our living room.

Happy Tuesday, I'm gonna do some spinning cause I'm crazy and the baby is napping. (I do workout sometimes.)

As long as he doesn't throw his laptop off the balcony, it's all good... or our laptops for that matter.


  1. Good joke! I fell for it. Tat needs a leash now in public...does that count?

    1. Hehe ;) Ya, it's just little boys, they're crazy!